Rallying behind electrocuted OFW in Saudi

FILIPINOS here and abroad are rallying support behind 52-year old overseas Filipino worker Alfredo Salmos who suffered severe burns that damaged his face, head and neck after he was accidentally electrocuted two years ago in his work in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

This week, social media and social networking sites are abound with horrific pictures of Salmos who, due to the wounds he suffered from severe burns, has developed hardened scars that not only distorted some parts of his body but also made him difficult to move.

A special Facebook account has been created to drum up public support in his behalf.

Salmos, who worked as mechanical technician in Saudi Arabia for 30 years, was sucked into a 14,000 volts breaker that he was trying to shut down two years ago.

Luckily, he survived but is still struggling with his deformed physique.

At quick glance though, it would appear that Salmos has no neck that would hold his head because the accident physically marred him.

Apart from his incapacity to resume work abroad after he was in comatose for a month, Salmos’ current physical condition is fast deteriorating and he hopes to go back home with his mother in Cabuyao, Nueva Ecija.

Since his tragic accident, he has also lost communication with his family who has allegedly moved to another place.

Although the Philippine government through the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration has been helping Salmos, Saudi Arabia has yet to issue him his exit clearance unless he could settle a car allegedly under his name.

Salmos figured in a car accident years ago.

It was not immediately known how his former employer has extended assistance to him.

Salmos’ pitiful fate once again serves as a grim reminder about the sorry plight of millions of OFWs who are forced to leave their families just to be able to earn and send their children to good schools and live more decent lives.

It definitely bleeds one’s heart to learn Salmos’ fate, and see his horrific pictures posted all over the Internet.

Since this tragedy, he has been relying on the meager support from his fellow Filipino and Indonesian workers in the Kingdom.

For humanitarian reason, the Saudi government should take a second look at Salmos’ car accident case so that, once a clearance has been issued on his car accident case, he can finally return home and start his rehabilitation in the Philippines.

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