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DON Claro Mayo Recto’s nationalism and his warning about our mendicant foreign policy have been proven time and again to be prophetic.

Recto, who is one of the few brilliant senators the republic has ever had, was ahead of his time. Using a nationalist paradigm to analyze the issues of his day, Recto perceived the inherent weakness of the government’s foreign policy that he tried to warn the leaders of his day about the folly of adopting a policy based on dependency to foreign support.

Unfortunately Recto’s word of caution went unheeded as it fell on deaf ears, a tragedy which we as a nation are still suffering from.

On April 17, 1951 Recto delivered a haunting speech entitled “Our mendicant foreign policy” where he pointed out the dangers of not having an independent foreign policy, one that is based on begging the United States for assistance.

Recto eloquently said: “Unable to defend ourselves against foreign aggression, we have not only weakened ourselves further with domestic strife but also given cause and provocation for attack. We have become war-mongers without armies, by making boastful challenges, threats and denunciations.

But what is beyond comprehension is that, having fought three wars for our independence, we have surrendered it without a fight; and while vociferating about the reality of our national freedom, we have acted as if we did not want it or believe in it. We are tied to the dollar without having any dollars. We continue to be dependent upon the American market without having retained any permanent right of access to it. We continue to be equally dependent upon American protection without any real guarantee that it will be timely and adequately extended.

…..The first objective of our government must be peace, for, as a small and weak nation, it is to our prime interest to explore with patience and sincerity every avenue of honorable and enduring settlement by negotiation and mutual concessions.

If war must come, it must not be of our own making, either directly or indirectly.

“Note the applicability of the speech to our present condition, especially our dispute with the People’s Republic of China and our current relation with the U.S., that without knowing who authored it or when it was delivered there is no way to know that it was written 61 years ago. It is relevant indeed.

Our nation is in a critical juncture and the choices that President Benigno Simeon Aquino III will make would determine whether our nation would continue its tragic journey to self destruction or take a path to independence and prosperity.

Aquino could learn a lot from Recto if only he would devote less time to the impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona and his love life.

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