Sa pag-amin sa milyong cash, Corona dapat ngang kasuhan – Malakanyang

PINATUNAYAN lamang ni Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona na dapat nga siyang makasuhan at igisa sa impeachment court.

Ani Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda, ang pag-amin ni Corona ang susi upang ipabatid sa publiko na may itinago talaga siya sa kanyang SALN.

“Mr. Corona has finally admitted what the impeachment court had wanted to find out. Had he withheld information from his SALN? He did. Did the information include dollar accounts/ Yes. In his 2010 SALN, he reported 3.5 million pesos in cash. Today, he admitted he has 80 million pesos in the bank, and that furthermore, he has 2.4 million dollars. The issues have been joined. Mr. Corona has become the best witness for the prosecution. He has proven, by his demeanor and his very own statements, the validity of the charges against him, and provided evidence more than sufficient to determine his fate,” ayon kay Sec. Lacierda.

Sa naging testimonya mismo ni Corona ay sinabi nito na mas makapangyarihan ang 1974 law sa 1987 Constitution.

“He has made his legal legacy a get out of jail free card for all officials who are plunderers and crooks. They will merely have to park their ill-gotten funds in foreign currency accounts to immunize themselves from the effects of our anti-graft laws,” anito.

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