Sonia Brady tiwalang makalulusot sa CA

TIWALA si Sonia Brady, bagong nominado bilang Philippine ambassador to China na makalulusot siya sa Commission on Appointments.

Ani Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte, si Brady ay career diplomat na nakaaalam ng tinatawag na “the lay of the land” sa China, lalo pa at naitalaga na siya roon dati.

“We don’t want to sound arrogant and say they will have no problem with her (but) with her extensive experience in foreign affairs and foreign relations, we are confident she can answer the questions of the Commission on Appointments,” ayon kay Usec. Valte.

Bilang career diplomat, nagsimula si Brady sa Department of Foreign Affairs noong 1970 kaya maikukunsiderang si Brady na “an old hand at foreign affairs.”

Nagsilbi rin si Brady bilang ambassador to China mula 2006 hanggang 2010.

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