Youth group calls on pro-impeach congressmen, Sen. Drilon to sign the waivers

YOUTH group today called on the 188 congressmen and Senator Franklin Drilon to take up the challenge of Chief Justice Corona to sign the waivers disclosing to the public their bank accounts and financial records.

“While we believe that it would have been better if the Chief Justice did not bind his disclosure with such condition, it should not be difficult for the advocates of impeachment to sign the waivers as a gesture of sincerity and commitment to transparency and accountability in government,” according to Vencer Crisostomo, Anakbayan National Chairperson.

Crisostomo said President Aquino should immediately order his allies to sign the waiver and use the same swiftness and determination with which they railroaded the approval of the impeachment complaint in the Lower House last year. If they could do it then, it should not be a problem now.

“Since the start of the trial, they have used public funds and attention better spent on many other issues. They went on fishing expeditions and conducted propaganda campaigns just to build a case against the CJ. Now that an opportunity to put the truth out in the open presents itself, signing a sheet of paper should not be a problem for the crusaders. They owe the public, which they misled not a few times, at least this much,” he said.

Signing the waivers could be a win-win for the Filipino people, he said.

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