Ang OPM ng vaklung…bow! (Hahahahahahaha!)

“FIVE years from now, if we are still single and unattached, let’s take a vow na tayong dalawa na lang ang magpakasal!”

This striking one liner came from two personalities in the local recording world: the male talent manager and her female singer. Take note that we intentionally categorized their genders because a man-to-man relationship is a common spectacle in this side of Hollywood but this time, the talent manager is veritably a real dude kahit na medyo (lang naman) effeminate, hahaha!

Apparently, both of them are still single for years.

The female singer who is truly remarkable in her field is not totally comely on the face department but she is absolutely appealing enough para habulin ng mga guys. Ironically, suitors seems to avoid her for reasons we don’t really understand.

She comes from a good family, from a prominent showbiz clan in fact, and she even graduated with high honors from a ritzy university.

On the other hand, the talent manager also comes from a decent family having a father who is actually an ex-government official. Dating super-yaman but because of the ups and downs in the business, minalas kaya medyo “may pera” na lang ngayon ang kanyang classification at nawala na ang kanyang mga brawny bodyguards na rating naka-alalay sa kanya nu’ng marami pa siyang cash. Hahaha!

Wala pa namang masyadong napasikat ang naturang talent manager but he used to hold an executive position sa isang TV network.

But if faith will reverberate into the belief of this biriterang singer, malamang ay pakinggan siya ng nasa Itaas at baka magkaroon na siya ng lover bago pa man ang five-year leeway na binigay nila sa isa’t isa ng kanyang talent manager…getz?


THE uproar from the supporters of the public service program Public Atorni: Asunto o Areglo echoes from the barbershop philosophers (a term that emanated from the recent impeachment trial) up to the corners of TV5’s executive offices in Novaliches and The Fort.

Paano ba naman hindi sasabog sa galit ang mga tagasunod ng programa ni PAO Chief Persida Acosta, e, ginamit nila ang top-rating program bilang pre-programming ng mga programang sumasadsad sa ratings kaya in a month’s time, sampung beses ‘yata itong inilipat ng oras na ikinahilo ng mga televiewers and recently, it’s being shown, from TV5, to AKSIYON TV 13 every Monday at 9PM para naman daw palakasin ang recently acquired sport’s channel ni MVP. Quite confusing nga naman talaga,‘di ba?

For the record, this particular public service program was actually noticed by distinguished award-giving bo- dies like CMMA, Gawad Amerika, PMPC Star Awards for TV among others and also, is one of the top-raters of TV5.

From the grapevine, a certain group of talents from the News and Public Affairs department is reportedly getting insecure with the ascension of the numbers of viewership of Asunto o Areglo, hence, sinulsulan daw ang ilang executives sa programming department na ilipat ito ng timeslot para matulungan ang ibang bottom-dwellers at the expense of the Chief’s public service show.

Surely, kapag nalaman ito ni Sir Manny Pangilinan and Atty. Rey Espinosa, the top honchos of TV5 who certainly don’t tolerate people who have the utmost crab mentalities, heads will surely roll. Magkakaroon ng malawakang sibakan blues lalo na ngayong naghahanap na ng return of investments ang big bosses ng TV5 sa mga naghahari-hariang mga department heads.
Hala kayo!

Remember, only those who are really productive can share the benefits of the network.
Nobody gets a free ride. Nobody can get a second bite at the cherry.

Bato-bato sa langit, ang umaray, sila ang mga insecure. Hahaha!

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