Angara wants to include Spanish language courses in K+12

SENATOR Edgardo Angara wanted the inclusion of Spanish languages subjects in the secondary school curriculum as part of the country’s preparation on the continuing influx of Latin American tourists and investments to Asia.

“Spanish languages courses will be included in the K+12 program through a propose bill as the enabling law of the program so that the education department is mandated to teach it in secondary school students,” Angara Thursday

The K+12 programs will be implemented starting 2016 and now the government is implementing the Kindergarten Education Act authored by Angara.

He said the economy will be the biggest beneficiaries particularly the tourism and BPO industries, for teaching Spanish languages to secondary school students.

“The next generation should be taught with Spanish language in order to prepare them in the continuing upsurge of Latin American tourists and investors to Asia,” Angara said.

“Latin Americans are now going to Asia as tourists and investors. They are spending a lot in Asian countries like Cambodia, Indonesia, etc. So, we should have Spanish speaking personnel in the tourism industry,” Angara added.

“We are the natural destination. Bakit ang mga taga-Mexico mas gusto nilang magpunta sa Bangkok, sa Cambodia, di ba,” he said.

He said the BPO industry will also benefit from the proposed measure because Latin American countries are now looking at Asia as their next business destination due the collapse of various economies in Europe and Central America.

“The Business Processing Outsourcing industry if the largest growing industry in the country, and time will come it will replace the remittances of Overseas Filipino Workers because due to the demand in Latin America. They are now looking for Spanish speaking citizens around the world for business processing of their companies. If we have these Spanish speaking call center agents, we may also outrun other countries in BPO industry,” Angara explained.

“Imagine, if you speak Spanish, Mandarin and English, the three largest languages spoken around the world, you will have a great advantage to other countries which is being sources at their center for business processing and investments,” he concluded.

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