Brgy. chair, 3 others arrested in buy bust operation

ILOCOS NORTE – A 48 year old Barangay Chairman along with three other suspects were arrested in a coordinated buy bust operation by anti-narcotics agents the other day.

Acting on several intelligence reports that a certain middle aged Josie Cajigal and her family was selling shabu in their own house, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Regional Office 1 (PDEA RO1) agents along with the Ilocos Norte Provincial Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Operations Task Group and Provincial Intelligence Branch of Ilocos Norte Provincial Police Office proceeded to Barangay Santa Cruz 7B, Badoc, Ilocos Norte to entrap the drug pushing family.

Law enforcers carefully placed themselves around Josie Cajigal’s house while a designated anti-narcotics agent together with a confidential informant entered the residence to order shabu. It was 27 year old Norberto Cajigal also known as “Atong” and the son of Josie who entertained the agents and ordered her mother Josie to fetch the illegal drugs. Josie then handed a sachet of shabu to her nephew, who was later identified as Flofer Cajigal 26 years old, who in turn handed it over to Atong. Atong completed the transaction by giving the shabu and pocketing the marked money signaling law enforcers to swoop in and declare their arrest.

Sesinando Toralba, barangay Chairman of Barangay 3, Alogoong, Badoc , Ilocos Norte was standing on the sidelines as a guest of Josie, initially reacted to the arrest by trying to escape but was eventually caught. In his possession was a pouch filled with shabu paraphernalia. A drug test confirmed the barangay chairman as a shabu user and was charged with the violation of Section 12, Article II of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

Other confiscated items from the drug pushing family included 4 sachets of shabu street valued at 1,000 pesos each, various drug paraphernalia and the marked money used in the illegal drug transaction. Violations of Section 5 which covers the selling and trading of illegal drugs, Section 11 the possession of illegal drugs and Section 26 covering Attempt and Conspiracy of RA 9165 were formally filed against the Cajigals.

After investigation it was later found out that Norberto Cajigal is under the watchlist of both the PNP and the PDEA.

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