Caloocan’s pride

SHE may not be as exposed as she was before as gleaned on less publicity through tri-media particularly on prints, she got just like her colleagues at the Lower Chamber who even spend huge amount to pay for PR men or simply ride on whatever issues only to get their names mentioned or heard or their faces seen on TV.

I knew at least two former congressmen, some years back, who even became members of the Senate without doing much legislative work just turning themselves as mouthpieces of their colleagues for every proposed bill as if they’re the main proponents and, alas, look what they’re up now!

Forget them, what the heck to talk about them anyway, they’ve easily fooled the voting public and they’ll continue doing their ugly tactics as long as they can deceive the people by their saint-look faces and talkative mouths.

But Caloocan City Rep. Mary “Mitzi” Cajayon (1st District) is far different from them for she has transformed herself into a silent mover and operator rolled into one as she’s opted to be more pre-occupied in reaching out with her immediate constituents rather than joining some of her colleagues in publicity stunts.

A long-time city resident, whose influential family used to support the old political clans in Caloocan, could attest to the dedication and sincerity of Cajayon whom he described as humble and yet dazzling as the former Ms. Caloocan is only in her mid 30s.

Unlike other politicians cum public servants, he continues, Rep. Cajayon would rather spend the whole day visiting villages and neighborhood groups in her district, mingling with the residents with whom she can identify their immediate needs which she readily gives without hesitation.

Not to mention the various infrastructure projects as well as livelihood programs, spread out in her turf that are even reaching the other district, which had been in place while some are on-going, there’s no way for anyone who tries to go against her in the next local polls to beat her.

And one more good thing for her just like the father of the House, Speaker Sonny Belmonte, who has shown the real example for his colleagues, Rep. Cajayon leads the 33 others after she scores a perfect attendance during the Second Regular Session of Congress from July 25, 2011 to June 6, 2012.

Indeed, the city taxpayers’ hard-earned money is surely not put to naught because she is truly working for them, they’re really lucky for they have like Rep. Cajayon who thinks and do things for them. Let others follow suit.

Nevertheless, pitiful are those whose representatives in Congress are habitual absentees and are nowhere to be found in their districts.

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