Dirty tactic

LOOK at how dirty politicking by crooked politicians in Pasay City roars its real ugly face this early.

A common friend just told this writer that the camp of an incumbent city official, who obviously is threatened by the emergence of a respected businessman by the name of Jorge del Rosario as top contender for the city’s top post come 2013 local polls, has been sowing intrigues against the latter.

Such dirty antics that went beyond little respect that a grieving father must deserve following the untimely and unexpected death of his 29-year-old son Jesus “Jay” del Rosario who died early this week due to a bicycle accident in San Francisco, USA where he lives.

Employing the old and traditional way of demolishing the image of a political rival, the official’s camp would quickly spread all over the city about the “news” that the elder Del Rosario has decided to with-draw from his plan to pit himself against Mayor Tony Calixto because it said the businessman couldn’t accept that he lost a loving son.

Nonetheless, Mr. Del Rosario promptly refutes the nasty rumor being circulated by the perturbed camp that he’s no longer interested to run to unseat the incumbent city chief executive whom the former had hugely supported through all means, name it, which catapulted the latter to power in 2010.

“As a matter of fact, Jay’s death has given him the courage and the strength to continue with his fight against the current Pasay administration and its alleged corrupt practices,” a friend close to the Del Rosarios says in a text message.

He adds: “The truth is, he (Jorge) is dedicating his fight for genuine and clean governance in Pasay City to his son who’s named after his late father Jesus V. Del Rosario.”

More houses for Navotas homeless

In the coastal city of Navotas, another successful “build program” for the homeless residents was held in partnership with Citi Philippines and Habitat for Humanity.

Last May, thousands of youth gathered at the Navotas Socialized Housing Site in Barangay Tanza to celebrate the Habitat Youth Build 2012 and build houses for the families affected by the recent calamities that had hit the city.

Just this week, more than 1, 000 Citi employees attended the closing program at the site for the four consecutive Saturdays of voluntary work for Navotas in line with the celebration of their 200th anniversary.

Mayor John Rey Tiangco has recognized both the charitable institutions for putting their backs for the activity which will benefit the needy families in the city and the volunteers for taking a day out of their comfortable homes to help in building houses, teach kids and trees in the said site.

Habitat for Humanity has pledged to build 500 homes at the site. To date, 120 houses are ready to be turned over to qualified and deserving constituents of Navotas.

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