Finally Senator Koko breaks silence

A few days ago former President Joseph Estrada complained that Pimentel had yet to grant his request for a meeting to thresh out the latter’s differences with Zubiri.

He lamented that it was even he, a former president and senior leader of UNA, who was re-questing an audience with the senator, but that the latter deferred the meeting several times since he first made the request a month ago.

On June 14, Pimentel asked reporters to give him two weeks to think things over before coming up with a final decision. The hungry media has been hounding the UNA camp, and in a television news flash two days ago mistakenly claimed that Estrada and Pimentel had already met the previous night.

In a live interview on the same segment, Estrada denied having yet met the senator who he has not seen for over a month.

The television news program quickly edited its flashing news headline to correct the error.

Some people may not agree with Pimentel’s handling of the situation, especially since he has kept a senior leader and former President “waiting for him,” like a father waiting for a prodigal son to come back.

Unlike the biblical prodigal son’s father, though, Estrada cannot wait and was just about ready to give his son up if he continued to act “stubborn.”

For him, time was of the essence.  The coalition has to complete its slate by October when election registration commences.

The other day, Pimentel announced he was leaving the UNA coalition.

However much Estrada would like to keep his cool, he simply couldn’t play nice all the time especially if media is so eager to submit their stories for the day.

Indeed, media is so powerful it can bring kings and presidents down.  Perhaps in the realization that the tactic of steering clear for so long might not augur well with the public, and media has the power to wield its influence and has the arsenal of words to make or break him, Pimentel finally speaks.

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