Govt workers say PHL more duty bound to help its own people

GOVERNMENT workers today criticized the Aquino Administration for lending $1 billion to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) amidst rising poverty and hunger incidence in the country.

The national center of government employees, Courage,criticized the government’s $1B loan and the justifications made by its officials that the Philippines is duty bound to help poor nations.

“Isn’t it ironic that we have a $1B spare fund we can lend to the IMF while our people are clamoring for additional funds for education, health services, housing and other social services. While our government is cutting back on social services allocations due to budgetary limitations, we can afford to risk this huge amount of money”, Ferdinand Gaite, Courage National President said.

“Our officials are hallucinating in thinking that our country is no longer poor and thus we can now afford to help other poor nations. Prudence dictates it is best that the money be invested on our people, on our economy, the risk is more than worth it rather than lend the same on the premise that we will get our money back anyway and with interest. It is not only conceit, but obvious subservience to the IMF, to the US for that matter”, Gaite said.

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