Green party lauds Makati City plastic bag ban

GREEN group Kalikasan Green Party of the Philippines today lauded the effort of the Makati City government to ban the use of plastic bags and non-biodegradable materials as packaging materials in its locality.

Frances Quimpo, Kalikasan Partylist Secretary-General, said that the city government’s move was “a concrete step towards addressing Metro Manila’s massive solid waste problem and minimizing the factors that worsen flooding in the metropolis.”

Metro Manila generates close to a fourth of the country’s solid waste, with around 8,000 tons daily. A recent report by the World Bank estimated that Philippine cities will increase generation of municipal solid waste by up to 165 percent, from 77,776 tons per day to 29,315 tons per day.

“The proliferation of solid waste, especially plastics, is one of the major factors of flooding in Manila’s major cities and municipalities as they clog waterways and prevent the free flow of water. Plastic pollution also contributes to marine animal deaths as these are mistaken for food and ingested by birds, fish and other species,” Quimpo said.

“We support the Makati City government’s effort to ban plastics in their locality. They are one step ahead towards preventing flooding in their city. We encourage officials from other local government units  to pass and implement similar pro-environment ordinances,” Quimpo said.

The group called for the strict implementation of the solid waste management act and the need to educate the people of proper waste segregation and recycling.

“There is also a need to educate the people on proper waste segregation and recycling of waste materials. The  government must provide adequate tools and support for the people so that they will be encouraged to participate and practice waste reduction, reusing and recycling,” she said.

Kalikasan Partylist expressed their intent to help educate the people on ways on how to prevent flooding and encourage recycling, releasing an open letter to the public on the issue of waste and flooding earlier this month.

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