Group urges Aquino candidates to decline offer for high court’s top post

THE militant farm worker based Unyon ng mga Manggagawa sa Argikultura today urged all Aquino-linked candidates to inhibit for the high court top position. “In the name of integrity of the selection process, all candidates who have ties to the current administration must decline their candidacy. They should not let themselves be use to smear the judicial independence of the Supreme Court on choosing the next chief justice” said Rodel Mesa, UMA secretary general.

“We all know where this is all lead, its all about Aquino controlling the judiciary, a move we farm workers have seen right from the start of the impeachment process to oust the former chief justice Corona because of Hacienda Luisita’s distribution,” Mesa said.

“BIR chair Kim Henares, DOJ secretary Leila de Lima and Sol-Gen head Francis Jardeleza have strong ties to the Aquino administration, there is no doubt that the president is setting up his own lists outside the rank of the Supreme Court with the potential accomplice for creating an Aquino-led Supreme Court” he said.

Mesa added “Despite opposition from coco farmers on Jardeleza’s appointment, still Aquino chose him because the president’s uncle Danding Cojuangco recommended the latter to the post to protect his shares from SMC which the government runs after. Also Jardeleza replaced Jose Cadiz at the OSG because of his failure to protect President Aquino’s interest in Hacienda Luisita and was forced to resign last year”.

He further said “Aquino wants to make s stronghold at the heart of the judiciary first to run after the P10B compensation from the sell of Hacienda Luisita which will serve as the catalyst to sabotage its actual distribution. Second, Aquino learned his lesson from GMA so well that he intended to copy Arroyos management style by way of controlling all the branches of government. It’s no wonder why the president wants his people to be included on the list, once selected to be the next CJ, Aquino will have  legal safe heaven once he’s out of the palace and strip of immunity against civil and criminal complaints arising from his 6-year stint”.

“We strongly urged these candidates not to join the bandwagon of would-be chief justice bid. We don’t need another Corona-Arroyo tandem at the helm of the Supreme Court that left a deep scar on the high court’s integrity. That is why the farm workers along with other progressive forces should join efforts to frustrate in any means possible the rise of an Aquino court,” Mesa said.

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