Group urges legislators to pass ‘Magna Carta for Day Care Workers Bill’

CHILD welfare group, Akap Bata Party-List and the Rizal Federation of Day Care Workers, Incorporated today opened the National Day Care Workers Week 2012 by urging the administration of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III and our legislators in both Houses of Congress to prioritize and swiftly legislate a ‘Magna Carta for Day Care Workers’ in the country.

The National Day Care Workers Week 2012 will run from June 7-11, 2012.

To date, two proposed bills on ‘Magna Carta for Day Care Workers’ are now pending in the Lower House and Senate. These versions include Rep. Teddy Casino’s House Bill # 5852 and Senator Ramon Revilla, Jr.’s Senate Bill # 3192.

Akap Bata Party-List claimed that these versions have been the result of their active lobbying and dialogues with various day care workers federations nationwide.

They also insisted that the HB #5852 version of Rep. Casino comprehensively addresses the real plight of day care workers. It also provides day care teachers and workers with standardized salaries, benefits and security of tenure.

“As a basic social institution, it is just right and fair to protect our day care workers for they are the carers of our children. Defending their rights means caring our children and the nation’s future as well,” says Arlene Brosas, national secretary-general and first nominee of Akap Bata Party-List.

Brosas added, ‘Day care work is perceived as voluntary or charitable work in the Philippines. Most day care workers receive a maximum of P 2,000.00 per month and even as low as P 500.00, yet they continue serving their young students.’

‘But the most evident is that conditions of day care workers in the Philippine setting vary from private, public and people-initiated or community initiated day care, and so quite often neglected. Hence, there is a strong need for a Law that will champion their rights and dignity as human,’ added Brosas.

The group believes that it is in high time to give back to one of the pillars of a child’s future.

Brosas said, “As debate over the K-12 education program in basic education rises-up, the Aquino government must not overlook the needs also of day-care workers in order for them to continue their noble services to every Filipino child who are depending on early childhood care and development programs.’

‘On his upcoming State of the Nation Address (SONA) next month, we want President Aquino to tag HB #5852 and SB # 3192 as priority bills so that day care teachers and workers will be able to enjoy the fruits of their decades-old struggle to have their own Magna Carta,’ Brosas said.

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