Hunting down Avanza UVC 896

I WONDER how I could be able to hunt down a taxicab based only on a plate number.

Last Independence Day, my niece, a third year UP Los Baños student, arrived at the airport’s Terminal III from Zamboanga City and hailed a taxicab at the departure area instead of taking a yellow cab at the arrival area where flag down and meter rates are higher.

My niece, a naïve provincial lass, is the type of person who doesn’t seem to have the capacity to think ill of anyone.  Thus, when the driver told her as they left the airport that she was to pay P960.00 for the fare to a Laguna Bus terminal in Buendia, my niece did not whimper, especially since, according to her, the driver had a companion beside him.

When I told my niece that she should have then suspected that something was unusual, she said she did not notice that there was someone else in the cab.

While the cab was cruising, she said that driver was telling her to put her phone off as he was using LPG fuel. She was courageous to defy the driver’s order this time, enough to text my brother about her circumstance.

Perhaps it was her naivety that saved her from further harm, as the driver must have taken a little pity on her and indeed drove her to the terminal and took her fare of P960.00.

Airport passengers oftentimes are forced to take the yellow cabs because the queues are organized and a slip of paper is given to them with the cab’s details. That slip of paper is a security blanket of sorts.

There used to be such queues and slips of paper at the departure area, but a guard disclosed that they have instructions not to assist passengers there anymore because airport management would like passengers to patronize the yellow cabs.

In the meantime, I am coordinating with friends to be able to track down Avanza UVC 896.

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