Kontrobersyal na sexy star of the mid 80s, naghihirap na, wala ng ganda at adik pa rin sa yosi

MUKHANG walang swerte ang stars of the 80s.

Hayan at ‘yung isang sexy star of that era happens to become a consumptive and is now living in misery and penury as well somewhere in Pasig.

‘Yung isa naman, hitsurang naglulupa rin at sa Pampanga na lang nagno-nostalgia.

‘Yung isa pa, soo taba na at ewan kung saan na napuntang lupalop.

‘Yung isa na lang na super flawless ang maganda ang pamumuhay dahil pimp galore (bugalingling in Tagalog.. Hahahahahaha!) at nag-aalaga ng mga patonting na girlalu. Hahahahahahahahaha!

How gross!

Anyway, itong latest na nahalukay naming bold-star of the mid-80s, nakatira na lang daw sa isang kwarto sa may Blumentritt.

Kupas na ang kanyang kagandahang kinabaliwan ng kalalakihan nu’ng dekata otsenta.

Inasmuch as she’s still fair-skinned, her beauty has long faded into obscurity and old age has mangled her once attractive personality.

“May anak siya pare,” so says our source. “Anak actually nu’ng Tsinong kabit yata niya or what. First year college na yata pero tahimik at ‘di palalabas ng kwarto nila unless magba-basketball once in a while.”

Kumusta naman ang itzu ng kanyang ina? May remnants pa ba ng kanyang flawless beauty when she was a lot younger and was at the peak of her fame?

“Medyo kulubot na at mataba,” he says kind of disillusioned with her tragic fate. “Malaki pa rin ang boobs niya pero wala ng appeal.”

Ang kinakain daw ng mag-ina ay pala-palaging lutong ulam na binibili sa tabi-tabi lang at ‘di sa mga sosyal na resto. “May kabit siyang Tsino pero barya-barya lang yata ang give sa kanila. Lagi lang naka-t-shirt ‘yung dating boldstar pero tahimik lang sila at ‘di nakikipagkapwa tao.

“Mabait ‘yung anak niya at nasa bahay lang lagi. Pero ‘yung nanay niya suba nang suba from 8 pm till dawn.”

Minsan daw, naiisip ng aming source na ilapit sa Wish Ko Lang ng GMA7 ang dating bold star pero baka raw hindi magustuhan nito at mairita pa.

Oh, well, life is what we make out of it. Kaya nga nasa bandang itaas ang ulo natin para makapanaig ito sa ating puso during vital decision making process.

How terribly traumatic!


Bruno, everybody’s wildest fantasy!

HE’S not an actor but he’s got a huge following basically because this American football player simply named Bruno has GOT that distinctively look and a body to die for, not to mention that predominantly yummy and palpably delicious thing that dangles provocatively in between his thighs. Hahahahahahaha!

As always, bawal magtikol! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!


Game na kumain sa turo-turo si Ate Vi sa Hawaii!

IT WAS meant to be a respite from all the hard work she’s been indulging in as Batangas’ lady governor but Governor Vilma Santos Recto, while on vacation in Hawaii with husband Senator Ralph Recto and son Ryan, had never failed to assiduously monitor the activities in Batangas in conjunction with the forthcoming annual fiesta (Parada ng Lechon) of Balayan, Batangas.

“Yearly ‘yon sa Balayan,” so says Ate Vi’s personal secretary Ate Aida Fandialan. “One of the highlights ng fiesta actually.”

How was their Hawaiian episode?

“More on monitoring pa rin,” she coos,”on what’s Batangas’ preparation for Butchoy.

“Of course we did a little of shopping sa Tiangge (in Hawaii),” she enthuses. “Watched the parade, among otherthings.

“Halo ang Japanese and Hawaiian people and we did a little of sunbathing or just plain walking along the beach.

“And whadda you know!” she asseverates. “Vi ate with us at the Foodcourt’s turo-turo!!!!”

O, ‘di ba naman?

Going back to Batangas and its annual Parada ng Lechon in Balayan, Batangas, bagama’t may fever, pumasok pa rin sa kanyang gubernatorial office si Ate Vi.

“But she needs to rest today,” Ate Aida intones,”para makapasok bukas until Sunday.

“She must be present kasi sa annual fiesta sa Balayan, Batangas.”

‘Yan si Ate Vi, professional and very much concerned sa kanyang duties and responsibilities sa Batangas.


Tall & hunky but a real diva!

HAHAHAHAHA! Ang pralaling ng network na kanilang pinagtatrabahuhan ay back in each others arms na raw ang chinky-eyed young actress na ‘to at ang kanyang dating boyfriend na for a while ay naging ka-close ng isang very popular young singer-actress.

Ang chika, off-line na raw ang dalawa at back in each others arms na ang dating magdyowa.


Press release!

On cam, super sweet silang dalawa, sa weekly musical-variety program ng network nila in particular.

Pero the very moment na tapos na ang show, deretso na agad ang ombre sa studio ng show ng kanyang real girlfriend.

Ang showbiz talaga, nakaaaning ever. Hahahahahahaha!

Alam naman nating may bago ng labs ang tsinitang young actress (someone who’s taller and more esoteric-looking pero chill muna sila dahil on promo nga ang movie nito at ng ex niya. Hahahahaha!

The things that some people have to bear or stomach for the love of a career. Hahahahaha!

Anyway, kawawa naman ang chinky-eyed actress because the guy she’s falling for happens to have allegedly have a reportedly questionable gender.

Tall and hunky as he may be but he’s supposedly a diva through and through. Hahahahahahaha!

How sad!

How sad daw talaga, o! Hakhakhak!


Divo Bayer Sings SJ Gandia, the album launch

LOS ANGELES, CA – Music is a medium of expression that cannot be uttered but of which one can’t be silent. It transcends all language, race, gender, color and status.  It is universal in every form, a show of emotion, one that should be heard by all and thus, the birth of this album, Divo Bayer Sings SJ Gandia.

Divo Bayer and SJ Gandia’s album is a collaboration of two great artists whose visions were to share their gifts to their audiences. This album project is a comeback for Mr. Divo Bayer after years of absence from the Philippine music industry and a showcase of SJ Gandia’s collection of songs for more than a decade.

Divo Bayer, dubbed as the Philippines’ Emperor of Soul is a known Filipino singer for his hit songs like Ba’t Di Mo Na Kaya?, Bakit Hindi? and Ngayong Nandito Ka, which became the theme song for ABS-CBN’s movie that starred Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa. His influences include the likes of Luther Vandross, James Ingram and Michael Bolton. With his husky and soulful voice coupled by his uncanny performance, Divo captured the hearts of the listeners and the attention of the Filipino fans worldwide. To whistle like Mariah Carey is his expertise as no other male performer can do.

During the Shanghai Music Festival in November of 2003, Divo was included in the roster of world-class artists and singers from Asia when he represented the Philippines in the said competition. He sang his winning songsGo the Distance from Disney movie Hercules and an original Filipino composition entitled A Better Me.

Once again in 2005, Divo represented the Philippines in another prestigious international competition in Vietnam International Song Festival where he wowed his audience with his singing prowess.

During this interview with Divo, he was asked what made him decide to do this project. Why this project? Why now? His honest and direct reply was “It’s a cliché to use the phrase ‘it felt right’ and yet, that’s exactly how I felt. I followed my gut instincts after listening to the demo of songs SJ sent me after which I agreed to meet with them in San Francisco. I was greatly surprised she wanted to give it the title Divo Bayer sings Sj Gandia. I said ‘Yes’ to this opportunity and to this young composer.”

SJ Gandia, on the other hand, is an award-winning composer who composed songs for Jaimie Rivera (Each Time I See You), Shirley Fuentes (You Will Always Be), and Angelika dela Cruz (My Only Wish). Here in United States, she wrote songs for Ella May Saison (Bumabalik Ang Nagdaan), Los Angeles Filipino Town theme song and other local artists in the Los Angeles area.

Similar questions were asked Sj Gandia regarding her decision on who she thought was the right artist for the project. Her definite answer was “I knew then that Divo was the right one for this album. He shared the same passion and ambition as I do. We both love music not just for the sake of singing (for Divo) and composing (for me). We believed that there is more to the songs than just the lyrics and the melody. This album project is a team effort, not just shared by two people. It’s a collaboration of individuals who trust each other and that’s what we have in our group. I needed someone who has faith in what I can do as a songwriter and vice-versa. I guess I just knew”, SJ ended the interview in an optimistic note.

Fourteen months after their first meeting, July 7 marks the birth of Divo Bayer sings SJ Gandia, a union of two of Philippines’ great musicians. The album contains 10 songs, a compilation of Tagalog and English songs. Award-winning musical arrangers such as Yong Nalasa, Albert Tamayo, Arnold Buena, Ehlmir Saison, Bobby Velasco and Harold “RNEs” Spiva III were tasked to bring the album to life. The whole album was recorded and mixed in Hollywood, CA under the supervision of Hotbox/Quirk Recording Studio.

To culminate and celebrate the efforts of all the musicians involved in this project, Divo Bayer Sings SJ Gandia will have its album launching on July 7, 2012, 7:00 in the evening at the Celebrity Centre Pavilion, 5930 Franklin Ave, Hollywood, CA.

Tickets are on sale now. Interested parties can purchase the tickets by calling (310)748-8180. They are also available thru the following:

Marlou Colina’s Salon in Los Angeles (323) 663-5311 and at the Long Beach location (562) 988-3101; Micko Cas- tro (213) 820-9994; Patrick Lucas (415) 939-5880 ; S&J Palace in Carson (310) 847-6234 or thru Carnie Banares (619) 261-3215 in San Diego.

Both artists believe that music is something that lifts up their spirits and make them happy. They always hoped that SJ’s compositions and Divo’s heartwarming rendition will have the same effect on whoever listens to it. It is a performance, a unique showcase, a show of talents that needed an audience. Their only hope is to share their passion and that their love for music follows each and every one who hears their songs.


Bungalyang Ferminata, si Vice Gov. Daniel na naman ang pinagti-trip-an alang-alang sa anda

HAHAHAHAHA! So very mercenary and cheap talaga itong bungalyang si Lola Ferminata na idolo ng guranggang si Joey ‘Vavalina’ de Cashtrue, da mabahongang dulduling bakla. Hahahahahahaha!

Imagine, binibira-bira na naman ng urung na urong ang dentures na sooo laki ang tiyanetch na mukhang andang lolang ito si Vice-Governor Daniel Fernando dahil may manok na naman siyang inaalagaan.


Halatang-halata ang modus operandi ng mercenary na ubanggetch na ‘to. Kapag may anda, kapit-tuko siya at babakurang talaga tulad noon kay Major Jude Estrada. Hahahahahahahaha!

Kapalistik talaga ang gurang na super tsaka ang fezlak na ‘to! Hakhakhak!

Ano bang pinagsasasabi mong mas gwapo ang alaga mo kay Vice Gov. Daniel?

Noon siguro, oo, when your alaga happened to be hunky and the paradigm of machismo and sex appeal.

But now, no offense meant sa kanya since he happens to be a good person, mas gwapo na si Papa Daniel dahil maintained nito ang kanyang slim na pangangatawan at maamong pagmumukha.

Maging objective, for once, tsakang gurang na mukhang anda, na nakababaliw ang radio program dahil batian to-the-max from beginning to end.

Mag-seminar ka sa amin nina Peter L. at Abe, lola, para mag-improve naman ang flopzing na ratings mo! Hahaha!

So kapallllllllll! Hahahahahahahaha!

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