Lawmaker says random listing of party lists may be questioned at the SC

BAYAN MUNA Rep. Neri Colmenares today said that the Commission on Election (Comelec) decision to randomly list the party list groups running in the coming elections would make it more chaotic and time consuming.

“This will cause massive delay in the voting.  We do not support this move because this will clog up precincts due to the fact that it will take more time for voters to look for their party lists. And if they do not find it or have a hard time doing so they may just fore go voting for party lists which would lead to their disenfranchisement,” said the progressive solon.

“This will also favour the rich and powerful party list groups who have the capacity to advertise their number on national TV.  The poor party list is at a disadvantage because their voters will not know the number of their party list group,” he said.

“We are not even sure if the least would truly be random. Some party lists may even bribe some Comelec officials so that they will come first on the list. This decision must be questioned before the Supreme Court,” Colmenares said.

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