Lawmakers want Arab diplomat to pay for his crime vs two Filipino women

LAWMAKERS do not want a United Arab Emirates ambassador who was accused of sexual harassment in the Philippines to go scot-free.

In House Resolution 2361, Reps. Angelo Palmones (Party-list, Agham) and Emmi de Jesus (Party-list, Gabriela) have called for a congressional inquiry into the sexual harassment case against UAE Ambassador to the Philippines Moosa Abdulwahid Alkhajah.

Palmones and De Jesus also declared the diplomat as “persona non grata” and demanded that he be expelled from the country.

The lawmakers issued their call despite the UAE embassy calling the sexual harassment allegations against the diplomat false and baseless.

Palmones said Alkhajah had used his position as a diplomat to abuse the two Filipino women. “This is an insult to the rights of Filipino women,” he added.

The victims who were only identified as “Cherry” and “Liza,” have claimed that the ambassador forced them to give him a body massage and faced them almost naked.

De Jesus said one of the women claimed Alkhajah also wanted to have sex with her.

“The two women resigned after repeatedly rejecting his advances, and incurring Alkhajah’s anger. They initially responded to his lewd requests, including nearly-nude body massages, which they recounted to
Filipinos at the UAE Embassy,” Dr Jesus said.

De Jesus added that at least one of the Filipinos at the embassy was fired when Alkhajah became aware of the allegations.

De Jesus said if the Philippine government fails to intervene in the case of the two domestic helpers, “there can be little hope for Filipino domestic women working abroad to be respected and treated fairly in their host countries.”

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