Malabon leads in arbor planting

FEW only have apparently observed the Arbor Day in the country which took place just last Monday. Few have apparently taken cognizance of the key role of trees or arbor in Latin word in environmental health and human life.

Well for sure there were still some who find time to plant trees and ornamental plants which in the first place should have been a regular undertaking that must be initiated by those in the government and for the people to follow vigorously if all of us are really concerned about our environment.

In Malabon City which has always been perennially inundated by floods even during high tides, local officials led by Acting Mayor Antolin “Lenlen” Oreta III and Rep. Jaye Lacson-Noel took time out to plant trees especially along the stretch of C-4 Road.

ACM Oreta and Rep. Lacson-Noel were joined by members of the Sangguniang Panglunsod led by Acting Vice Mayor Dado Cunanan and councilors who all marked the trees they have planted with their names.

With that, it’s assumed that they would be responsible enough to take care of those trees they have planted and watch them grow over the years and not just another “ningas-kugon” like most government officials do.

Knowing the two key Malabon officials full well, they would certainly make sure that there’d be always positive results to every endeavor they carry out in the interest of their constituents and the city as a well.

And such activity is deemed imperative for them given the pitiful condition of the city especially during typhoons as they’re aware about the role of trees which are essential to the eco-systems in which they grow.

Aside from food,medicine, shelter  and wood we can get from trees, they also absorb and store rainwater, replenishing the ground water supply and preventing flooding, its roots hold the soil firmly and fight erosion.

The necessity to promote a healthier ecosystem for the people through the rehabilitation and re-greening of the environment was stressed in a presidential proclamation enjoining the “active participation of all government agencies, including government-owned and controlled corporations, private sector, schools, civil society groups and the citizenry in tree planting activity.”

Estero Clean-up

Relatedly, volunteers and key officials in Caloocan City led by Mayor Enrico “Recom” Echiverri conducted massive clean-up drive, that’s part of the “One Day, One Bay Program,” in creeks and other waterways particularly in flood-prone areas in the city.

At a declogging activity alone in Torcillo Creek in Barangay 28, District 2, a total of 1,000 sacks of garbage were collected through the use of backhoe from the engineering department.

The clean-up campaign must be continued until all waterways in the city are totally cleaned up and should be stepped up during rainy days to prevent floods in the city.

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