Manila Mayor Lim orders Isko Moreno, 28 councilors to produce in person

MANILA Mayor Alfredo S. Lim yesterday gave the office of Vice Mayor Isko Moreno and 28 city councilors up to June 30 to produce in person -complete with the required data sheets- their consultants, researchers and casual employees whose salaries have been paid by the city government for the past years but have not appeared personally to claim their pay.

Lim warned that should they fail to do so, he will order a stop to the payment of all the salaries for the office of the vice mayor, the city councilors and even their staff.

Lim noted that of the 38 councilors, only nine have complied with the requirement of submitting the personal data sheets (PDS) of their consultants, researchers and casuals, who have gotten their salaries after personally appearing at the cashier’s office to receive their wages and sign accordingly.

The mayor also pointed out that since the Commission on Audit (COA) wrote City Hall calling its attention to an overpayment of salaries by P1.1 billion, the number of non-civil service employes such as consultants, researchers and casuals have to be reduced, with no less than the mayor’s office and several departments under it complying.

Lim claimed the OVM and majority of the councilors refused to slash theirs and insisted on the previous system where the OVM would get the amount involved –about P11.3 million a month- and take care of
distributing the supposed salaries to the alleged employees and having the payrolls signed by those concerned before handing the said payroll back to the city treasurer’s office.

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