Na-shock ang kanyang co-actors sa tsakitang registration ng sexy actress sa pelikula!

HAHAHAHAHA! The movie’s admittedly entertaining and wackily acted by its lead actor and its supporting cast also did a good job of making the audiences amused and visibly entertained.

In its entirety, the movie’s wackily entertaining and would tickle your funny bones to-the-hilt.

But the only downside happens to be the lead actress’ too harsh registration before the cameras and unphotogenic countenance.


In person, she exudes a distinctive aura of sultry comeliness but the cameras seem not to capture it in all its gorgeous details.



Whereas she’s gorgeous up-close, on cam she looks a lot more mature and her body shapeless and faggish.

Shapeless and faggish raw, o! Hahahahahahaha!

How gross! Hakhakhak!

Even if the camera men tried their darnest best to photograph her in a most flattering light, their efforts have proved to be futile and in vain. Hahahahahaha!

It’s just not working with her.

Kung gaano siya ka-sexy in person, siya namang opposite ng kanyang registration on cam. Hahahahahaha!

No wonder, the sultry sex siren purportedly felt enormously insecure when she was told that this young actress would also be a part of their wacky movie.

Pa’no kasi, napaka-photogenic nito at freshness talaga ang projection on cam, knowsline na niyang ilalampaso siya nito nang walang humpay, which she really did in a highly effortless manner. Hahahahahaha!

Sa true, side by side with her comely charm, nagmukha siyang bisugo.

Nagmukhang bisugo raw, o! Hakhakhak!

‘Yun na!


Eskalera ang beauty ni Louise delos Reyes!

WHEN she was introduced by way of the fantasy soap “Alakdana,” napaka-flat ng dating niya sa amin at ni hindi nga namin siya pinagtuunan nang pansin. Hahahahahahaha!

Honestly, she was kind of plump then and her face just didn’t register well on cam even if she had the promise of a looming actress.

Many months thereafter, may lumapit sa aming young actress sa isang presscon sa Regal at tinanong namin ang amimg katabi kung sino ba ‘yung bumati at humalik sa amin.

Hahahahahahahaha! You could just imagine our surprise when we discovered who she was.

Louise delos Reyes no less, the fat Alakdana. Hahahahahahaha!

Nevertheless, we saw her again the other night at the presscon of their soap One True Love at GMA7 where she’s paired off once again with the very handsome Alden Richards.

Sa totoo, basing from the trailer that we’ve seen, they have another winner in this soap.

Bukod sa bongga ang kanilang delineation ng kanilang respective roles, eskalera rin ang kanilang major support in the persons of Raymond Bagatsing, Jean Garcia and the newest Kapuso recruit Agot Isidro.

With director Andoy Ranay at the helm and Suzette Doctolero’s original working script, One True Love will surely ignite your viewing pleasure daily beginning June 11, right after Makapiling Kang Muli on GMA Telebabad.


Marianingning inse pa rin hanggang ngayon!

HAHAHAHAHA! Hayan at natikman na niya ang lahat-lahat (and I mean lahat-lahat with a capital L.. Hahahaha!) kay Dingdong Dantes pero wala pa ring katapusan ang insecurity ni Marianingning sa kanyang paparu. Hahahahaha!

Pa’no kasi, she’s not getting any younger and her options appears to have become practically nil as time goes by. Hahahahahahaha!

Kung bakit naman kasi hindi pa pakasalan ni Dingdong para matahimik na ang babaeng kati-katerang ito. Hahaha!

Jesus H. Christ! why don’t you just marry her so that her mounting insecurity would be eased out and abated?

Kung bakit naging fatally attracted na ang aging actress na ‘to sa kanyang papa when she still can find a man who’s a lot more sensible and would marry her any time she wants to tie the knot?


Ganyan talaga, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too! Hahahahahaha!


Tigilan na ang senseless comparisons kina Ate Vi at Ate Guy

HAUGHTINESS aside, this rivalry thing between Queenstar Vilma Santos and Superstar Nora Aunor should stop and it’s more than about time to have it buried.Hahahahahahahahahaha!

What is there to compare and howl about anyway?

The fierce fight between the Vilmanians and Noranians has ended many years ago, it’s but fitting and proper that we should move on and put the issue to rest.

What is there to argue about and fight for?

It’s been decades, it’s more than about time that the feisty Noranians should concede to the fact that in their long drawn-out race for stardom, it’s Queen Vi who’s successfully been able to upstage Ate Guy.

This is not to say that we are indubitably putting her (Nora) down.

Certainly not! kahit naman ano ang mangyari, hindi na mabubura ang phenomenal stardom ni Guy sa history ng local movies.

‘Yun nga lang, dapat, nararapat at karapat-dapat lang na mag-concede na ang kanyang loyal fans na si Ate Vi na ang reyna at lipas na ang panahon ni Mama Guy.

Period. Walang comma!


Vavalinang duldolera, mukhang bangkay na kaya’t dapat nang manahimik!

DAY IN, day out, wala na yatang tinutukan itong si Joey ‘Vavalina’ de Cashtrue kundi i-harrass kami sa kanyang mga senseless and veritably stupid text messages. Hahahahahaha!

Indeed, this ugly beyond belief vaklung is not at all sleeping and would spend practically most of his waking moments sending in those diabolical text messages that I never have the chance to read or peruse on. Hahaha!

Magdukit ka na lang, aging mabahongang bakla. At least, mag-o-orgasm ka pa at matatahimik for a couple of minutes. Hahahahahahaha!

Put a stop, too, to this senseless and fatiguing charade that you’re supposedly a rabid Noranian because I know right from the very start that you’re distinctly a blue-blooded Vilmanian. Hahahahaha!

Twenty five years tayong nagkasama, I can read you like a book, ograng matanda (ograng matanda raw, o! Hahahaha!).

Anyhow, why don’t you just fuck off and ministrate to your wounds which are not in any way healing. Hahahaha!

Beware, amputation might be the last recourse, Bruhilda. Hahahahahahahaha!

Kunsabagay, serves you right for being such a veritable ingrate. Hahahahahahaha!

‘Yung sa paa mo, amputation is the rightful solution. But what if your duldulic ministrations would appear on your stomach, how would it be amputated? Hahahahahahahahaha!

Halimaw ka kasi at ingrata, dapat lang sa ‘yong magdusa bago kunin ni Taning!


My condolences to your family in connection with your looming demise.



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And with that, ito po ang kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very, very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity.

Adios. Mabalos. I always need you, Nong!

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