National embarrassment

ANOTHER Filipino worker is in big trouble in Tabuk, north-western part of Saudi Arabia, for allegedly raping an innocent three-year-old girl in a hospital nursery where he works as a nutritionist.

According to news reports, the Filipino worker, aged 40, was arrested and put to jail by Saudi police after the innocent child entrusted to his care appeared frightened, trembling and had trouble walking when she was picked up by her mother at the nursery at the end of her day’s work.

Suspicious, the mother immediately brought her poor child to the hospital’s emergency room to be examined. Lo and behold, the doctor found semen stains on her frail body.

Our poor OFWs have our soft hearts. They have made tremendous sacrifices so that they can earn more and be able to send their children to good school.  Besides, living in a strange land with different culture and away from your own family is not a walk in the park.

Without jumping into any judgment, however, the case of this Filipino nutritionist will surely make your blood boil in outrage.  This and the other cases of Filipino nurses who abused their hapless patients would make us all shrink in shame and embarrassment.

Filipino workers, including our nurses, are admired around the world not only because of their fluency in English but also, most importantly, of their good qualities, among them are their being compassionate, hardworking, and honest.  Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Our embassy officials in Saudi should be on top of the situation and have at least extended legal assistance to this distressed OFW. This is one case too many for our OFWs whom we regard as our unsung heroes.


The report that at least five of our universities made it to this year’s list of top 300 Asian Universities is not an occasion to open some bottle of champagne.  Instead, this is another embarrassment to all of us as a nation and as a people.

Based on the report, the University of the Philippines – Diliman ranked 68th, followed by only three Catholic universities – Ateneo de Manila University at 86th, De La Salle University at 142nd and the University of Santo Tomas at 148th. Another was a less known university in Davao.

Only five universities making it on the list is a clear slap on the faces of our educators and this administration which has vowed time and again to improve the quality of education among state colleges and universities.

Should we blame the reduced government subsidies to our state colleges and universities?  Or should we blame the incompetence of our teachers, the complacency of our students, or the substandard educational curriculum?

Whatever it is, the report underscores the need, if not at all urgency, to have a world-class education that would prepare our young students to have competitive edge not only in Asia but also in the world once they leave the four walls of their classrooms.

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