Perfect team vs smuggling

THERE’S a good sense on a suggestion thrown by consumer advocate and businessman Raul T. Concepcion of the Serving and Protecting the Filipino Consumer for the two major government agencies, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and the Department of Justice (DOJ), to team up with the Bureau of Customs (BoC) in its determined fight to totally crush smuggling activities in the country.

The proposal, which seems to be a welcome development that’s worth-studying, can possibly be a reality but Concepcion, who’s the chairman of the Government Watch, must first to have such convincing power to dissuade BoC Commissioner Ruffy Biazon from joining the administration’s 2013 senatorial slate.

With the brand of leadership the son of ex-Senator Rodolfo Biazon shown at the Customs in just nine months since he’s handpicked by PNoy who directed him to squarely address corruption at the bureau, the former legislator from Muntinlupa City is certain to follow the footsteps of his father at the Upper Chamber.

Nevertheless, with the various reforms he has been instituting at the BoC, Concepcion was just right in joining the fray in asking the BoC chief to reconsider his plan to run for the Senate and instead pursue with his advocacy to eliminate corruption and smuggling activities at the graft-ridden agency.

Concepcion, a respected personality at the business circle, believes the President made no mistake when he chose Commissioner Biazon for the post as he’s pretty confident the latter can be able to carry out the gargantuan tasks to eventually transform the BoC into a graft-free agency and becomes tops in revenue collections.

With BIR on the side, Concepcion says the bureau can implement this so-called Tariff Heading Duties and Validation, a process which will detect if the items or shipment are undervalued to avoid paying the right taxes.

And with a Special Prosecution Team from the Justice department which will go after smuggling-related incidents by prosecuting those involved in the nefarious activities including those inside the agency that are in cahoots with the suspected smugglers, the triumvirate of BoC, DOJ and BIR would be the perfect team for the challenging job.

Though criticisms should always be welcome, the Government Watch head, however, dares some lawmakers to enact measures that ‘ll help Commissioner Biazon and his bureau to effectively undertake reforms and ultimately stop smuggling activities instead of using the media, among others, for their vested interest at the expense of the agency and its dedicated officials out to squash these crooked individuals and groups.

This writer was told that Commissioner Biazon may change mind to pursue with his plan to run for the Senate as he’s overwhelmed by the support and encouragement he gets from various concerned sectors including that of Concepcion to go on with his reform programs at the bureau.

For sure some of those who want him run in the Senate are those whose illegal activities are on the brink of becoming a thing of the past.

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