Piolo dati’y pinupuri araw-araw, ngayo’y maya’t maya’y sinisiraan!

TUPPERWARE talaga itong si Ferminata, da lolang attack and collect and hamonadang manunulat. Hahahahaha!

Kunsabagay, say nga ng isang nakakikilala sa kanya nu’ng time na baguhan lang siya sa entertainment writing, talaga raw hard to edit ang feeling dean of Tagalog writers na gurangga. Hahahahahahahaha!

Anyway, this matrona appears to be heavily infatuated with the overt machismo of Piolo Pascual, she seems to be hell bent in ruining him at all cost. Hahahahahaha!

Funny, ‘di ba? Hitsura ng spurned lover. Hahahahahaha!

Dati, she would do nothing but write in a hossanaic manner about the supposed machismo and good naturedness of the brown-skinned actor.

But look at her now, (Hahahahahahaha! cheap!) day in, day out, she would do nothing but write the most obnoxious and vituperative things about Piolo and would make it appear as if he’s the worst human being this side of Hollywood.

Isn’t that the height of duplicity?

Ang kapal, di ba?

At walang kredibilidad. Hakhakhak!

Dati, puri to the max. Ngayon, lait at walang patumanggang paninira ang alam niyang gawin.

Matinong tao ba ‘yan? Hahahahahahahahahaha!

How obnoxious can you get!

Anyhow, nagtagumpay na naman ang ngetpalites na matronang ito sa paninira niya kay Rufa Mae Quinto.


Look, the bombshell of GMA7 is now permanently out of Willie Revillame’s show and all because of Lola Fermi’s diabolical schemes.


How kadiri! Ngetpalites na nga ang fezlak, otra vez senorita ang pag-uugali. Hakhakhak!

What I find exceedingly repugnant about this evil woman is the fact that she is an expert in manipulating people.

Kita n’yo naman kung papaano niya nabi-brainwash si Don Willie sa kanyang mga nakasusukang (o, hayan, guranggetch, for the umpteenth time, ang salitang ugat ang inuulit, tonta!) mga bukeke. Hahahahahaha!

The trouble with this old and veritably obese crone is the fact that she seems to delude herself with the false belief that she is perfect and the women who are coming Willie’s way are flawed and aging. Hahahahaha!

Kita mo naman kung makapintas kay Rufa Mae. Kesyo matanda na raw ito at lawlaw na ang boobs.

Que barbaridad! Eh, siya, ‘di kaya nakaturo na sa lupa ang boobzing niya? Hahahahahahaha!


Bukod sa nakaturo na sa lupa ang boobsies, kumustahin mo ang kakutisan. Hakhakhak!

At ang tiyanetch! Hahahahahahaha!

Ang legs kaya, kumusta naman? Harharhar!

Ayookkkkoooooooh! I’m scared, mama! Hahahahahahahahaha!

‘Yun na!


Chris Campioni oozes with raw machismo!

CAMPIONI has been modeling since 2007 and has gained some impressive modeling credits in just two years.

With a slim yet very toned body and a head of blond hair, he is 6′ 1? and weighs around 180 lbs, Campanioni has done all kinds of modeling work but his forte has been underwear and fitness shoots.

He has some impressive modeling credits including working for Cosmopolitan magazine and gracing the cover of Tetu magazine, DNA, Beautiful Mag, as well as campaigns for PLAY underwear, Men Only magazine and C-in2 underwear campaign.

Like many models, Campanioni enjoys the sun and the outdoors and often has a lightly tanned skin.

Do you guys out there find him erotically appealing? Hahahahahaha!

As always, bawal magtikol! Hakhakhak!


Ate Vi’s supreme achievements!

SHE started out as a child prodigy in the movie Trudis Liit some five decades ago but surprisingly, Queenstar Vilma Santos is still very much an integral part of the industry and is consistently doing a movie or two when she finds the project irresistible and much to her liking.

Hindi ba siya tulad ng iba riyan na nagkamali ng di biru-birong salapi nu’ng kanilang kasikatan but are now living a life of devastating penury.
Matalino kasi siyang tao at levelheaded, kaya naayos niya ang kanyang buhay after a brief onslaught of tumult and storm.

Kita n’yo naman, kahit sa larangan ng pulitika ay respetado siya dahil kung gaano siya ka professional bilang aktres, she has showered the same kind of attitude in politics.

In a way, her awesome popularity can be largely credited to her staunch adherence to her dictum of level headedness and objectivity.

Everyday, she never fails to work on her good PR, along with her beauty that appears never to fade with time considering she’s already 35.


‘Yun na!

Anyhow, she’s excited to have her new movie “The Healing” (where she co-stars with Kim Chiu, Martin del Rosario, Pokwang, Ynez Veneracion, Janice de Belen, among many others) under Star Cinema promoted with the same zeal and vigor that she has always exerted in any undertakings she plunges into.

The movie is tentatively scheduled to detonate in some 100 cinemas nationwide on July 25.

Kita-kits tayo roon mga friends.


Vice Gov. Daniel Fernando tatanggap ng recognition sa kanyang pagiging public servant

NAPADALAW kami sa opisina ng Malolos, Bulacan ni Vice-governor Daniel Fernando at typical of him, walang patlang ang hugos ng mga taong gustong humingi ng tulong sa kanya.

Nang makaharap namin siya, he was, as always, looking fit and very much the paradigm of machismo and, should I say, sex appeal?


Come to think of it, hindi talaga nagbago ang movie actor aura ni Vice-Gov Daniel in the many years that I’ve known him from the mid-80’s when he was starring in that Peque Gallaga movie Scorpio Nights with Anna Marie Gutierrez and Orestes Ojeda.

He was very young then and was still a working student but look at him now! The epitome’ of self possession, no less, as he entertains people from all walks of life who would want to ask some financial assistance, among other things.

Anyway, one of these days, balik soap acting na naman ang ating mabait na bise gobernador sa GMA.

On top of that, he’s also US bound one of these days to receive a special award (Best Government Official in Public Service).

O, di ba naman, Sir JC.? hindi na maabot ang ating kaibigan. Hahahahahahaha!

Kaya ikaw bungalyang Ferminata, tigilan mo na ang kabubukeke mo riyan na insecure kuno si Papa Daniel sa iyong alaga. Oo nga’t mahusay na aktor ito (ang iyong alaga) and maybe he really would want to have a career in public service, but you’re not the right person top push him in this field because your name is synonymous with money, gurangga. Hahahahahahaha!

Everybody needs money, but of course, we should be discreet and not thick-skinned the way you’ve always been witch of a bitch!




Mario O’Hara lumisan nang wala man lang nakaaalam

HABANG aligagang-aligaga ang buong sanlibutan sa bumubuti na ang kalagayan ng comedy king na si Dolphy, tahimik namang ‘lumisan’ ang actor/director na si Mario O’Hara who is best remembered for his masterpiece “Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos” which highlighted the awesome acting skills of superstar Nora Aunor, and for his memorable delineation of Eddie Garcia’s lover in the multi-awarded classic “Tubog Sa Ginto” wherein he hauntingly essayed Eddie Garcia’s lover.

Leukemia ang naging affliction ni Direk at last directorial chore niya ang “Sa Ngalan ng Ina” ni Ms. Aunor sa TV5.

Go in peace, Direk Mario. Marami rin ang lihim na nagmamahal sa ‘yo.


Guranggang Vavalina, matitigok na lang wala pa ring pagbabago ang barubal na pag-uugali!

JESUS H. CHRIST! almost in his late 60’s na ang halimaw na si Joey ‘Vavalina’ de Cash true but he seems not to change one bit in as far as his diabolical demeanor is concerned. Hahahahahaha!

This piggish dolt is assiduously posting the most hideous concoctions about us at the net, (Hahahahahahaha!) but who cares? Sino lang ba naman ang nakababasa (‘ayan Vavaling, huh? salitang ugat ang inuulit mabahong matanda! Hahahahahahaha!) ng mga ‘yon?

On the contrary, Remate is well-circulated and is selling like the proverbial hotcake, people from all walks of life are riveted to it.


Ang masasabi ko lang, you will die a miserable death, halitosis infested lola, because you happen to be an ingrate and gratitude is something that’s absolutely alien in as far as you’re concerned.

Period, dulduling gurangga! Hahahahahahaha!


Send in those sizzling stories that you know about our fave showbiz personalities at pete_ampoloquio@yahoo.com and #09994269588, #09276557791 and #09223870129 and read them here.

And with that, ito po ang kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very, very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity.  Adios. Mabalos. I always need you, Nong!

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