Stronger at 60

THERE’S no denying the journalists’ top organization, the National Press Club, is now turning to be a certified senior citizen so to speak.

Nevertheless, it’s become an epitome of unity and magnanimity as it has hugely transformed itself into a vibrant and vital institution over the years, a total contradiction when it was before when it’s regarded as mere watering hole by its members.

To borrow the words of amusing and workaholic NPC President, Benny Antiporda, our national club has veered away from its traditional ways as it has revolutionized its approaches in dealing with its over a thousand members who have since been active in all programs and activities being undertaken by his leadership.

The NPC has become extra responsive to every issue that affects the interest of the working media – members or non-members – who have been either harassed or repressed by those in power or those who immensely wield clout.

It has also been a staunch defender of the oppressed and underprivileged as it’s always in the forefront every time it feels the people particularly those at the poor sector of society are left behind and discriminated.

That’s NPC now. It’s been rejuvenated to become a new generation out of being 60, an age for the olds but not for the organization that has developed to be stronger and more determined in defending the rights and even providing the needs of the local media men.

The NPC head has opened his hands to all its members particularly those who distanced themselves after the May polls but it’s all over now.

It’s time to buckle down to work and the NPC leadership deems it can effectively realize its mission and vision with its members working with it hand-in-hand. Let’s all unite once again, the elections were just a one-day affair but since there are just few that would never accept defeat for they believed they’re the righteous and the victors were the bad guys, so be it!

The working village officials

Officials in Barangay Lambakin in Marilao, Bulacan led by their Chairman Eduardo “Jojo” Gabriel and Romulo Sevillana, the chairman of the village’s peace and order committee, deserve a pat on the back for doing their job right. Village watchmen Geronimo Pineda, Roberto Montaniel and Antonio Rabina as well as desk officer Gladys Ramos should likewise be hailed for it were not their alertness and being on the go, a thief named Romeo Morales could almost escape unnoticed with the loots.

With a tip from a concerned villager about Morales whom he saw past 9 p.m. last Wednesday taking away some valuables including tools of a parked tricycle owned by the father-in-law of this writer’s younger brother, Allan, Pineda’s team, wasting no time, hurriedly searched for the man and cornered him few blocks away.

Their swift actions must be cited even through this newspaper for others to follow suit and know that taxes in this village are not put to naught with these dedicated barangay people led by Chairman Gabriel.

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