Student groups revive ‘E4all’ alliance to fight education crisis

THE National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) today spearheaded the revival of the “Education For All Alliance” (e4all) in order to “change the course of Philippine education”.

Isabelle Baguisi, NUSP secretary-general, said that “since education seems to have become more and more out of reach of the common Filipino while also becoming less and less relevant to the country’s actual needs, youth and student groups have taken it upon themselves to fight for our right to quality and relevant education”.

Baguisi pointed to the alarming rate of tuition and miscellaneous fee increases in both private and public schools as one of the reasons for establishing the alliance. The consistently high rate of out-of-school youths is another reason. She also points out the alarming trend in schooling only for employment, without thought to holistic development and nation-building that is education’s true goals.

She said the e4all alliance aims to call the government to ‘put its money where its mouth is’ and invest significantly in the education sector. Baguisi points to the lack in basic education budget and the decreasing subsidy of state universities and colleges as prime examples of how the government is ‘insincere’ in developing the education sector.

The alliance also aimed to push policies that will significantly open access to education to all citizens, regardless of background, gender, social status, etc and to mobilize all concerned sectors into looking into the actual needs of the education sector while creating and pushing for the people’s education agenda, the group said.

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