Teachers deplore DepEd‘s position that K to 12 stays

DESPITE the various campaigns undertaken by the Department of Education (DepEd) in promoting its K to 12 Basic Education Program, many teachers, students and parents remain confused, disappointed and dismayed of its implementation when classes in public schools opened last  June 4.

DepEd proclaimed, there is no stopping the implementation of the K to 12 being pilot tested this school year – not even its legality or the perennial problems faced by students. Education Secretary Armin Luistro said DepEd  “I have been saying this before, if we will not start the program now, when?”

“PNoy and Luistro remain deaf and blind on the realities on the ground”, Ms.France Castro, Secretary-general of ACT said.

Opposition on the implementation of K to 12, now on its second phase, sparked anew when shortages in basic inputs, particularly in classrooms, teachers, and sanitation facilities greeted most of the 21.49 million students in public schools this year.

Teachers from Alliance of Concerned Teachers ( ACT) are calling on the DepEd and the President to stop the K to 12 program because it is not a solution to our educational system’s problems.

The lack of readiness to implement the K to 12 is evident with the faulty curriculum and insufficient funds to cover the basic inputs such as shortages on teachers, classrooms, textbooks, chairs and sanitation facilities, the group said.

“If President Aquino is genuinely concerned on the quality of our education, he should   not blindly follow the dictates of monopoly-capitalists., address our own problems and get real,” Ms. France Castro said.

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