Walang weather sa mga dyuts at regular!

KUNG manliligaw ang pag-uusapan, marami ang interesado sa brown-skinned na young actress na ‘to na hataw talaga ang appeal sa mga foreigners.

But sad to say, she seems not to show a modicum of interest with the ‘locals’.


Why is that so?

Well, the answer is basically simple. Most of the men she went to bed with were foreigners.

And foreigners are famous for their endowments. Hahahahahahaha! One thing that Pinoys are not known for. Hahahahaha!

Kaya naman siguro kahit mga gwapo rin naman ang nagpapalipad-hangin sa kanya, wala siyang weather dahil they’re not her cup of tea.


In a way, she shares the same point of view with another actress (who’s a lot older than she is) dahil wala rin itong trip sa mga local men and has always favored foreigners, Europeans in particular.

Hahahahahahaha! Ganon nga siguro ang nangyayari kung nasanay na ang vaginal opening mo sa mga well-endowed men who could make you feel weak at the knee with their hugeness.

With their hugeness raw, o! Hahahahahahahahaha!

Kaaning ever. Hahahahahahahaha!

Anyway, pinag-usapan talaga ang petite young actress na ‘to nang sumali sila sa isang reality show ng kanyang paparu then who, predictably so, happens to be a foreigner. Hahahahahahaha!

Talaga raw wala silang keber sa ibang kasali roon at churvahan to-the-max sila to their libidos’ content, much to the discomfiture of some of the actors’ who were in it not only for the exposures but for the dough as well. Hahahahahahahaha!

Ang nakapagtataka, nag-end din ang kanilang relasyon as soon as their participation in that reality show had ended.

How strange!

Maybe, it’s a simple case of ‘seeing’ too much of each other. Hahahahahahahahaha!

Sometimes, too much sex can also be pretty exhausting. Hahahahahahahaha!

To be honest about it, because of their religious ‘lampungan’ episodes, the guy had tremendously lost lots of poundage. Which, in a way, is understandable since they were wanting of sustenance in that island and most of the guy’s energy were vented into their daily ‘kangkangan’ episodes. Hahahahahahaha!

After that, it was rumored that the petite sexy actress went on a sexual rampage and had sex with a group of  foreign guys in one sitting.



Now, after having sex with men like that who are famous for their sizable dicks, who would have achieved satisfaction with the ‘locals’ who are definitely not in their league in as far as size is concerned? Hahahahahahahaha!

Kaya sa ngayon, palihim lang na tinatawanan ng sexy actress ang mga Pinoys na nagpapalipad-hangin sa kanya (Hahahahahahahahahahaha!) for her vagina supposedly welcomes nothing but six to seven inch dicks.

No more, no less! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!


Edison Nascimento, luminescent beauty!

HE’S repeatedly being described in most of his modelling gigs as the most beautiful man on earth.

Indeed, Edilson Nascimento’s luminescent beauty palpably captivates anyone who sees him modelling on the ramp or doing his thing in some titillating print ads. Hahahahahaha!

A former athlete, this appealing Brazilian has made a lot of male models insecure not only with his riveting machismo but more so with his throbbing succulent dingdong. Hahahahahahahaha!

As always, bawal magtikol! Hakhakhak!


Kahanga-hanga ang unfading beauty ni Eula Valdez!

KAPAG napanonood namin si Ms. Eula Valdez sa kanilang afternoon soap sa ABS-CBN (na literally ay binabaha talaga ng ad placements.. Hahahahahahahaha!) na Mundo Man ay Magunaw, ‘di namin mapigilang humanga sa stringent discipline na ini-impose niya sa kanyang sarili.

For someone who used to be deliciously plump during her teenage years, it’s really pretty inspiring how she’s been able to hold on to her svelte physique now that she’s already in her late 40s.

No wonder, head over heels in love sa kanya ang hunk actor na ‘to na ka-live-in niya at the moment.


Considering that he’s almost half her age, talaga namang inlababu ito sa kanya at para bang he’s got no time for other women but Eula alone.


Fabulous, di ba naman?

Anyway, going back to her soap Mundo Man ay Magunaw (na galing sa orig na panulat ng kababayan naming si Salvador Royales ng DZRH), talaga namang ito na ang pinaka-hot na afternoon soap sa buong kapuluan sa ngayon.

Aba’y literally ay binabaha ito ng commercials at at par na halos sa rami ng ad placements ng soap na Walang Hanggan nina Coco Martin at Julia Montes.

Laban ka? Hahahahahahaha!

Anyway, it gets aired right after It’s Showtime from Monday thru Friday at ABS CBN.


Nagpakamartir sa bakla! (Hahahaha!)

JESUS H. Christ! now, we know why this singer who’s famous for her birit way of singing appears not to be in any way interested with men. Hahahahahahahaha!

May appeal naman siya at gandang naturingan pero parang deadma siya sa mga kalalakihan and would only focus on her singing career and nothing else. Hahahahaha!

‘Yun pala, she’s banking on her lover’s promise that five years from now, if she’s not in a relationship yet, sila na lang daw ang magpapakasal. Hakhakhak!


Kaya naman pala ganon na lang ang concern ng fast becoming too fleshy for comfort na babaeng ito sa kanyang manager when he was jailed for embezzling of funds in connection with his gambling debts.

Talagang kung maaari lang daw ay samahan na ng singer ang kanyang lover sa loob ng kulungan at ayaw na talaga nitong umuwi kung pwede lang. Hahahahahahahaha!

How pathetic!

Hay naku, ining, wake-up! The man you’re falling for happens to be a veritable fag and there’s nothing that you can do to change it.We’ve seen him several times na and right on our first meeting, I could already sense that he was a fag!

Always has been. Always will be. Hakhakhak!

May ganda ka rin namang naturingan, why waste your time on a pansy like him who’s also falling for men the way you’re falling for him.


Magpakamartir ba? Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

‘Yun na!


Vilma’s professionalism has paid off bountifully!

NGAWNGAW to-the-max ang mga follower ng arch rival ni Governor Vilma Santos for many a good year now na si Ms. Nora Aunor na supposedly ay poor second lang daw siya rito kahit na ano pa ang gawin ng lady governor.


Stop hallucinating guys. Admittedly, such was the case some four decades ago.

But we’re now living in the year 2012 and things have dramatically, if not drastically, altered in as far as the state of things in Ms. Vilma Santos’ prodigious career is concerned.

Bulag na lang ang magsasabing poor second pa siya nang kung sino when it’s palpably discernible that she’s been on top of the heap for many decades already.

Ito na lang, sino ba sa kanyang kategorya ang nagkakaroon pa ng pabolosang endorsement tulad ng The generics Pharmacy, aber?

Si Ate Vi, very much intact ang credibility sa mga advertizes dahil she has led a most exemplary existence for quite sometime now.

She was never into booze. Was never written about in a most scandalous light as being caught red-handed in a casino, among other incriminating offenses.

No wonder, beautiful things are still fabulously knocking at her door. That’s the wages of maintaining an existence that’s devoid of callous intrigues and petty gimmicks.

‘Yun lang!


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And with that, ito po ang kuya Pete ninyo na nagsasabing, Christopher, my son, I love you very, very much, my love for you goes beyond eternity.

Adios. Mabalos. I always need you, Nong!

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