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ONE hundred fourteen years after Emilio Aguinaldo, the first Filipino dictator, sought American protection for his oxymoronic republic, our very own President Benigno Simeon Aquino III, is asking the same nation for protection.

It seems that despite the passage of more than a century, we have not learned how to protect ourselves from foreign interests that we have to beg the US for support. We shamelessly remain under the skirt of the “Powerful and Humanitarian Nation, the United States of America…” despite being an independent state.

Mendicancy and subservience to American power was the hallmark of Aguinaldo’s regime and it seems the same is going to be with this administration.

Aguinaldo’s unilateral decision to place the country under a protectorate status is the reason why his June 12 proclamation in his sprawling mansion in Kawit, Cavite cannot be considered as a day for independence. He betrayed the people’s aspiration to be free either intentionally or plain incompetence.

In fact even prior to the outbreak of the Spanish-American war in August 1898, the US, through Consul Spencer Pratt, was already enticing Aguinaldo in Singapore to betray the Katipunan ideals for national liberation by allowing the establishment of an American protectorate similar to what was done in Cuba in exchange for the support and recognition of his regime.

Despite his later denials, succeeding events showed that Aguinaldo acquiesced with Pratt’s decision hence the controversial inclusion of the protectorate statement in the Philippine Declaration of independence that was read in Kawit.

Mabini, a lawyer, saw the legal implications of the controversial proclamation that he tried to stop it but was overruled by Aguinaldo himself.

In 1899, when they already have enough forces in Manila, the US surreptitiously launched their war of conquest which according to a conservative estimate of Mark Twain, the famous American author, led to the death of at least 1 million Filipino lives.

Fast forward to June 8, 2012, Aquino met with US President Barack Obama in Washington D.C. where he sought American military assistance for the ill-equipped Philippine armed forces. The Americans agreed but like what they did to Aguinaldo, their assistance is not without strings.

In exchange for loose change and the two 50-year old warships that are about to be junked by the US Navy the Americans are going to provide, they want access to their old military bases in Clark and Subic and more presence in Mindanao, a violation of the clear intent of our Constitution.

Obama earlier announced that American forces would pivot from Iraq and Afghanistan to Southeast Asia in an obvious move to counteract the growing influence of the People’s Republic of China in the area. Yes the Americans are going to help but only if we agree to make our country a frontline in their little cold war with China.
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