Aging lawyer at very young actress, kinukunsinti ni madir ang relasyon!

OUR intel swears to high heavens that there is something brewing between the celebrated lawyer and the young actress from a big TV network.

The young actress is so young and in fact, her age doesn’t belong to the age of majority yet.

It seems that the lawyer is not afraid of the consequence he is surely aware of. Hahaha! Remember the case of Congressman Jalosjos who is now languishing behind bars for being guilty of Statutory Rape?

Sabi nga, if there’s a smoke, surely, there is a fire and this one-of-a-kind relationship was the toast of tinsel town some weeks back but they both vehemently denied the issue saying na nagko-consult lang daw ng mga legal matters ang young actress but wait, what kind of legal matters?

According to our intel, the lawyer is calling his girlfriend Lubie Dubie, as his term of endearment. Yaiks! Hahaha!

Aside from that, the lawyer treated his Lubie Dubie and her mother to a lavish holiday in Hongkong and Macau and even gave them a huge amount of pocket money because of his Lubie Dubie’s caprice and whims.

In addition, Mr. Lawyer also doled-out a certain amount of moola to extinguish and put an end to the issue.

Mr. Lawyer, who is robbing the cradle, is the lawyer of an infamous political personality while the young actress initials are of the same letter,m, etz? Mga BB lang siguro ang hindi makakahula nito, as in, mga bobo. Hahaha!


SEXY star of the 90’s Piel Morena is out of her closet. She is classified as a lipstick lesbian, a kind of tomboy who dresses and acts like a traditional female.

For every dude in the city, Piel is still a jackpot. Puwedeng-puwede pa siya as her knockers are still big, with a svelte body to boast of and with a stimulating face that doesn’t change.

If our memory serves us right, Piel’s ex-manager Mommy Rose Flaminiano, used to brag a certificate of virginity at the age of 21 for the sexy siren but most of the movie scribes just shrugged their shoulders and lifted their brows up.

Walang naniniwala dahil mukhang nang-e-echos lang daw si Mommy Rose kahit na pumusta pa ito noon ng isang milyon sa sino mang makapagpapatunay na hindi na virgin si Piel.

But now, seems like Piel’s certificate of virginity was bona fide and genuine because she confessed that at the age of 21 and at her showbiz peak, nagkaroon siya ng non-showbiz girlfriend but couldn’t do the sexual act dahil intact pa nga ang kanyang slit kaya even an index finger wouldn’t find an entry to the doorway of her cunt. Hahaha!

Kaya ayun, the boyish Onemig Bondoc was lucky enough as he used to be an ardent suitor of Piel kaya siya ang napag-tripan na sagutin and as expected, the sexy star’s twat was crushed by Onemig’s dong on one or two occasions. Hahaha!

But take note that Piel was not really head over heels in love with Onemig and in a way, he was just used so Piel and her girlfriend can explore their female bodies candidly and enslaved themselves with the call of earthly desire. Hahaha!

Ayun, biglang iniwan ni Piel si Onemig, na in love na in love noon sa dalaga, without any valid reasons kaya naiwang nakatunganga ang actor without any clue what was happening.

At least ngayon, e, alam na niya at may closure na kung bakit siya iniwan and was dropped like a hot potato by Piel nang ganun-ganun na lang kahit na one of the most sought after na guys noon ang aktor.

Suffice to say that he was hoodwinked by Piel because of Onemig’s carnal desire. Yan ang napapala ng mga lalakeng malilibog katulad ni Onemig. Hahaha!

Anyway, Piel is back in the biz after almost a decade and with her slender body to boot, she can surely give current sexy stars a run for their money.

Her career is currently being handled by Comguild management, a division of the Comguild Company of international model and now, an entrepreneur, Ms. Ina Alegre.

Other talents of Comguild management include Aleck Bovick and Jethro Ramirez.

Some might say na binubuhay ng Comguild management ang career ng mga namahingang artista but yes, Ina wants to live up with the challenge kaya let’s wait and see what’s in store for these actors. Goodluck!

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