Anti-poor and pro-rich

THERE’S good sense on the re-marks made by a lawyer-friend of mine, Atty. Joel Pradia, a car owner who believes the concerned go-vernment agencies or specifically the Metropolitan Manila Develop-ment Authority (MMDA) have not been thinking much as to the welfare of the general public.

He takes notice of the agency’s traffic scheme being implemented along the stretch of EDSA where buses are prohibited from passing flyovers and underpass which to him is discriminatory and unfair to the bus riding public.

“Yes, they make driving con-venient for those with cars, but they make travelling terrible for those who are merely taking buses,” according to my favorite trial lawyer, who’s been well-loved by many and col-leagues for coming up with regular mind-catching phrases and criti-cisms through Facebook over anything he sees and observes in daily life.

Echoing Atty. Pradia’s obser-vation, this writer firmly thinks the MMDA’s particular traffic scheme is anti-poor and pro-rich. Why it’s so, because even those bus-riding commuters are also in a hurry to get to their work on time just like those who have cars but they’re helpless as they have no other choice but face the sad reality of being stuck in traffic while those with private vehicles pass through these flyovers and underpass with so much ease and without delay.

I simply don’t know what MMDA chair Francis Tolentino can reason out or maybe he would just point to

his predecessors to pass the buck.

The officials might have only overlooked this traffic plan for years, nonetheless, they can still have am-ple time to reassess it and consider what should be in the interest of the general public not only the few.

In related matter, the jay-walking policy which has been stepped up by the MMDA seems to be another ningas-cogon in the making. The MMDA chief in intensifying the campaign has in his mind the con-cern, among others, on minors who even are accompanied by adults still get hit by motorists just because they fail to use pedestrian lanes.

With bigger penalty that awaits violators, Chairman Tolentino even dispatched additional traffic enforcers to run after these hard-headed jaywalkers who opt to cross the roads that are not intended for pedestrians.

But it was several weeks or months ago. Right now, jaywalkers have their days again right in front of MMDA personnel as well as traffic enforcers who ignore the pedes-trians from crossing the roads de-signated for motorists, the result: traffic bottlenecks all over the place.

That’s the problem with the government people, they are so overly enthusiastic about implementing a certain program but in just so short period of time they lose steam as quickly as the cogon grass that burns out rapidly.

Well just what my friend, Atty. Joel, is always saying: Keep on smiling, life is beautiful.

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