China to introduce new cancer treatment in Phl

GUANGZHOU, China – Traditional Chinese medicine and other non-conventional therapies will have an equal footing with western medicines in the treatment of cancer as the BOAI medical group of companies in Guangzhou, China which specializes in cancer treatment introduced its new techniques to members of the Philippine media who made a five-day visit to China.

BOAI, a combined Chinese word which means “big love” will introduce its new cancer treatment technology to the Philippines by 2014 or 2015..

BOAI chairman Lin Cheng said that they have already met with Vice-President Jejomar Binay and Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim that would help Filipino cancer patients treated  using the traditional Chinese and western method.

Cheng said that BOAI medical group had already established 113 medical institutions all over China, one of which is the Modern Medical Hospital, that specializes in tumor treatment using advanced tumor equipments and  creating a new treatment mode that have minimal invasive target therapy that uses a combination of Chinese and western medicines.

The new method, Cheng said, have been proven to be more safe because of lesser harm it would do to the human body, compared to other mode of cancer treatment which patients usually experience such as vomiting and other hair fall.

The BOAI chairman based they treatment on the 20 years of providing medical services to cancer patients all over China .

They planned to introduce the new method to the neighboring Asian countries,  especially in the Philippines .

Cheng also said that Chinese  technology in cancer treatment was initiated through extensive and thorough  study in public hospitals using advanced and high quality medical equipment.

He told the Filipino journalists that  the first hospital they had established 1988 have  a handful of patients.

“However, after some patients discovered that their technology in treating cancer was successful, BOAI group became known throughout China . The medical  process is more harmless to human body and was proven to be safer and cheaper,” he said.

With the increasing number of patients, they hired more doctors in order to give better medical services in cancer treatment.

BOAI is not competing with the American or  European countries who have advanced technologies in cancer treatment, Cheng said, but “ China would just like to contribute and help cancer patients in their own special way.”

At present, the Modern Medical Hospital , located in Guangzhou has three Filipino patients undergoing tumor treatment.

One of them, Eduardo Yu, 65, is undergoing cancer treatment since November 2011 and had shown improvement, according to his wife, Nelie Yu, of San Rafael Village , Navotas City .

Nelie said her husband is suffering from liver cancer which is about 100 centimeters in diameter but their six-time continuous cancer treatment at the said hospital improved his  condition o with the use of advanced technology treatment introduced by the BOAI medical group.

She said her husband is now getting better and hope to have a big chance of survival.

Nelie is also getting free medical examinations by the Modern Medical Hospital which is part of BOAI’s medical service to the patient’s immediate relatives.

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