Don’t be adversarial to media, focus on your achievements, NPC tells PNoy

National Press Club of the Philippines president Benny Antiporda said it would be to everybody’s interest if President Benigno Simeon Aquino III and his communication team would continue to drumbeat the positive gains of his administration instead of being adversarial in their relationship with the media.

“While the media has the right to report on issues from its own independent perspective and the president too had the right to air his disappointments under our democratice system of government, the situation can only worsen when PNoy’s statements are interpreted by some quarters as a ‘wholesle’ attack on the media. I am sure that is farthest in the mind of the president,” Antiporda said.

“While there will always be critics, the majority of Pinoys, including a large number of those in the media are firm supporters and believers of the president’s reform agenda,” Antiporda added.

The NPC’s unsolicited advise therefore is to continue reaching out to our people, especially to the far bigger number of the country’s media practitioners who adhere to the journalists code of ethics in the practice of their profession.

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