Don’t muddle issue on Nixon Kua case, NPC tells Ayala management

National Press Club (NPC) president Benny Antiporda, yesterday dared the management of the elite Ayala Greenfield Highlands Subdivision to come out with “hard evidence” that the killing of NPC lifetime member, Nixon Kua, last July 21 inside the subdivision by four armed robbery suspects was a case of ambush and not robbery as established by the police.

“We are disturbed by reports allegedly being spread by the Ayala management that the killing of Nixon was an ambush staged by the suspects who where paid by unknown persons who were ‘hurt’ by the articles written by Nixon in his columns.

“Unless the Ayala management can come up with hard evidence to support this allegation, then they better shut up.

“For clearly, the attempt is to derail public attention to the glaring defects and weaknesses of their security measures inside their so-called ‘highly-secured subdivision’ such as the Ayala Greenfield Highlands where Nixon and his brother, Allyson, were robbed and shot.

“In short, I dare the Ayala management to explain why their security guards have not been dismissed up to now.

“It was their sloppy guarding of the premises that enabled the suspects to scale the subdivision perimeter fence without much effort and then, armed with guns, wait for Kua to arrive,” Antiporda further pointed out.

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