Fil-Am Friendship Day highlights Aquino’s total puppetry to US interests

ANAKPAWIS Rep. Rafael V. Mariano today expressed strong opposition to Malacañang’s plan to allow U.S. spyplanes to conduct ‘flybys’ for monitoring and surveillance over the disputed Scarborough Shoal.

Mariano said the Aquino government’s invitation for the US to be the ‘Spratlys police’ is a complete sellout of the country’s sovereignty to foreign interests.

“Aquino is being totally irresponsible with his actions. He is conveniently using the situation at the West Philippine Sea to justify the active presence and intervention of US on our national affairs. While Malacañang is criticizing China, it also violates our national sovereignty and territorial integrity by giving US more access to our territories under the pretext of bilateral relations like the Visiting Forces Agreement and Balikatan exercises ” the solon said.

“The assertion of our national sovereignty and claim to Scarborough Shoal must not serve the US’s ploy of strengthening its presence and military interests in the Asia Pacific region.”

Master-lackey relationship, not friends

Mariano added that the annual ‘Filipino-American Friendship Day’ commemorated every 4th of July will be a reminder of the Philippine government’s perennial subservience to the United States government.

“Fil-Am Friendship is in fact a relationship between master and lackey, an exploitative relationship between an aggressor and a neo-colony. Every 4th of July must serve as a constant reminder to Filipinos of the need to resist US imperialism and intervention,” Mariano said.

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