Green group decries QC gov’t takeover of EDSA botanical nursery

GREEN group decried the Quezon City government move to take over the seven-hectare Manila Seedling Bank Foundation compound along EDSA corner Quezon Avenue, allegedly due to the former’s failure to settle unpaid real estate tax obligations.

Kalikasan Partylist said this move by the QC government to eliminate another of the city’s few remaining green spaces is deplorable.

According to the QC government, the lot will eventually be used for a high-rise commercial center facing EDSA, which developers claim will be the “second tallest tower in the world.”

The group said  the city government to rethink its development plan. It should integrate the need for green spaces and the housing and economic well-being of its poor residents before diving headfirst into commercial expansion.

” We don’t want to be surrounded by more high-rise buildings, rising poverty, demolitions, and lifeless concrete jungles. Let these areas for trees remain: save the space for seedlings, and not buildings,” the group said in a statement.

For decades, this seedling bank has given urban residents access to seedlings of native or fruit-bearing trees, vegetables, herbs and ornamental plants. It is located right beside the 20-hectare Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, which is a sanctuary to many floral and faunal species (including native plants), a place for families and citizens to enjoy nature in the heart of the city, and a source of many other ecosystem services. Together, these two places are a pair of “green lungs” in the middle of the congested city space.

“We oppose the plan to convert the remaining green areas in Quezon City into commercial business districts (CBDs). This pursuit of profit has already resulted in the unjust displacement and attempted demolition of urban poor communities in order to make way for giant malls. Already, these commercial complexes cause heavy traffic, especially along choke points such as EDSA, Quezon and Mindanao Avenues. Now, government and private developers want to convert our precious remaining green spaces into similar areas,” the group said.

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