Group, kids launch ‘eroplanong papel’ protest

CHILD welfare group, Akap Bata Partylist and the People’s Caravan for Jobs, Homes and Justice today staged an ‘eroplanong papel’ protest in front of the South Gate of the House of Representatives in Quezon City, exactly one week before President Benigno Simeon Aquino III delivers his third State of the Nation Address (SONA).

The said activity opens the week-long protests onwards the SONA of PNoy next Monday, July 23.

During the rally, child advocate members and supporters symbolically released paper planes, with messages of the children written on it, going to the direction of the House of Representatives where PNoy is set to deliver his SONA. The groups claimed that the Aquino government cannot brag even a single accomplishment of his administration in terms of the Filipino children on his upcoming SONA.

The groups insisted that under the two years of PNoy in power, wishes and aspirations of the Filipino children are like paper planes that were just ‘gone in the wind.’

Lean Flores, Akap Bata Party-List spokesperson, said that their group launched the ‘Milyong Sulat ng Kahilingan ng mga Bata kay PNoy’ campaign during the celebration of the National Children’s Month last October 2010 to gather the Filipino children’s wish-list for President Aquino during the early stage of his administration.

‘Two years have passed but the Aquino administration still did nothing to address the long-drawn hopes of young Filipinos, especially in terms of their food, nutrition and education, as well as the basic rights of their family members for jobs, homes and social justice,’ said Flores.

She added, ‘Like the bangkang papel (paper boat) icon of his predecessor, former President Gloria Macapagal-Aroyo on her 2001 SONA that eventually submerged, President Aquino’s programs for children and their families are like eroplanong papel (paper planes) that never took off.’

Flores stressed, ‘on the 2 years of PNoy in office, malnutrition, child labor cases, homelessness, education crisis, and rights abuse incidents on children among others worsened. Under the rule of President Aquino, the poor state of our children still reflects the real state of our nation.’

The group vowed to mobilize their ranks and their fellow child rights advocates on the giant mobilization in Quezon City on the actual day of PNoy’s SONA next Monday. They said that they are deeply disappointed over the failure of PNoy to uplift the lives of our children in his two years in power.

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