Makabayan Coalition mourns Maita’s death

THE Makabayan Coalition mourns the sudden demise, due to heart attack Thursday afternoon, of its founding co-chairperson, Maita Gomez, and pays tribute to her long service in our people’s struggle for freedom, justice and peace.

Makabayan is a political coalition of eight Philippine progressive parties: Bayan Muna, Anakpawis, Gabriela, Kabataan, COURAGE, Migrante, ACT Teachers and Katribu.

“We in Makabayan are proud and honoured that she gladly accepted her nomination to co-chair the coalition in 2009, and she consistently and most capably performer her duties until her unexpected demise.” said Satur C.Ocampo, Makabayan president.

Ocampo added, that “Maita never failed to speak out on the issues being discussed and her points were always well taken – reflective of her intellectual acumen and wisdom, built up from a multifaceted life and deep involvement in our people’s struggle.”

Makabayan was only the latest of many organizations to which Maita lent her unstinting support and leading participation, Ocampo pointed out, “after distinguishing herself as a selfless and dedicated fighter-organizer among the masses in the countryside in the armed underground movement during the Marcos dictatorship.”  She suffered arrest and detention for that, but managed to escape from military detention, he added.

“Maita has etched her indelible mark in our people’s struggle, yet she retained her humility throughout and, yes, her peculiar sense of humor,” Ocampo concluded.

Her wake is at the Funeraria Paz in Manila Memorial park in Paranaque.

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