Napocor’s P 86-B power rate hike, grand robbery in broad

ANAKPAWIS party list on Friday described as ‘grand robbery in broad daylight’ the P 86-B power rate hike the state-owned National Power Corporation (Napocor) will implement up to the end of the term of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III in 2016.

Fernando Hicap, Anakpawis party list vice-chairperson, said Napocor will impose a hike in the universal charge for missionary electrification by 31 centavos this year that would enable the government owned power firm to rake an additional profit of P 12 billion.

Hicap said next year, Napocor will ask for a 22-centavo rate per kwh increase for additional profit of P 15 billion, 32 centavos per kwh hike for P 22 billion in additional profit in 2014, another P 22 billion peso take in for the 33 centavos per kwh rate increase in 2015 and finally a P 15 billion profit take in 2016 for 22 centavo rate hike in universal charge in 2016.

“This is grand robbery in broad daylight. This series of universal charge increases of Napocor is really universal and wholesale super profiteering at the expense of power consumers. This money making project of President Aquino that would let Napocor enjoy unlimited increases in the cost of electricity deserves the people’s high voltage outrage and electrifying condemnation,” the leader stressed.

Francis Juan, Executive Director of the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) asserted that the consumers have to shoulder the burden of Napocor rate increases to allow the national government to perform its mission to reach out far flung areas and deliver electricity to these areas currently not service by the state-owned power grid corporation.

From the current P0.11 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), Napocor wants to charge P0.1962/kWh) this year, rising to P0.2262/kWh in 2013, P0.3293/kWh in 2014, P0.3318/kWh in 2015 and dropping to P0.2256/kWh in 2016.

Napocor is also proposing an additional P0.0851/kWh to recover shortfalls last year, bringing its total proposed rates for 2012 and 2013 to P0.2813/kWh and P0.3112/kWh, respectively.

Last year, the ERC approved a P0.0709/kWh for universal charge adjustment and provided Napocor with P4.299 billion for the operation off-grid area power facilities.

If approved, customers who consume 100 kWh a month can expect an additional P28.13 in their electricity bills, while those who consume 300 kWh will see an increase of P84.39.

Napocor at present manages and operates 157 power utilities in off-grid areas with a combined capacity of 200 megawatts.


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