New wave in agri sector

IT’S good to know that some private groups and organizations are doing their own share in helping the government in national development.

One of these groups is the La Liga Policy Institute which has been working tirelessly to find ways on how to address the need of the poor especially those in the countryside.

In its latest undertaking, the La Liga worked in a tie-up with the Department of Agriculture in a project dubbed Organikong Palayan, a field school program that develops the farmers’ knowledge in organic agriculture.

Just recently, some 270 rice farmers in Pangasinan graduated from the program and immediately vowed to apply their newly-acquired knowledge in introducing sustainable option for other farmers and their families.

Organikong Palayan is an innovative agriculture development strategy which gathers and mobilizes local agricultural stakeholders that seeks to address the need to demonstrate organic agriculture as a viable and sus-tainable option for farmers.

The project is basically anchored on DA’s own program called Agri-kulturang Pilipino or Agri-Pinoy which aims to ensure food security and self-sufficiency, sustainable agriculture and fisheries, natural resource management and local development.

In short, La Liga aims to promote self-sufficiency and sustainable development among the farmers and their families through new and innovative ways on how to improve and increase their harvests.

For its initial project, farmers from Alaminos City and municipalities of Bani, Burgos and Dasol, received their certificates of completion of the OP Season-Long Training (SLT).

The graduation of hundreds of new organic rice farmers is regarded as a new milestone in La Liga’s advocacy for sustainable, organic and ecological agriculture.

La Liga Managing Director Roland Cabigas said that the program would help restore soil fertility, reduce expenses for agricultural inputs and increase the incomes of farmers and the farming community.

Initially, the institute will provide the farmers with their initial organic rice production needs such as rice seeds; equipment and materials for production of organic fertilizer such as worms for vermiculture.

It will also provide rice hull carbonizers and vermicast or vermicompost; as well as high-grade shovels and resource materials while also continuing to mentoring and monitoring component of the program for the farmers.

In essence, the program aims to significantly contribute in the implementation of the government’s objective of attaining food and staple sufficiency not only during the administration of President Benigno Aquino III but beyond.

La Liga together with the Go Organic Philippines movement have been advocating for sustainable, organic and ecological agriculture in the country for years now.

These two groups earlier pushed to have an organic agriculture legislation in the country resulting to the signing of Philippine Organic Agriculture Act (R.A. 100681) into law in 2010. Nice job, gentlemen!

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