OWWA recalls two officials in Saudi

TWO officials of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) posted in Saudi Arabia were directed to come immediately to face’ the agency’s Administrative Complaints Committee (ACC).

OWWA chief Carmelita Dimzon confirmed that labor and welfare officers Mr. Allen ‘Jack’ Arroyo and Mr. Anuar Ampang, both based in Saudi Arabia, instructed to report to its main office immediately, according to OFW rights group Migrante-Middle East (M-ME) providing assistance to distress and abused OFWs.

M-ME regional coordinator John Leonard Monterona said he received a reply via electronic mail from  Dimzon.

On July 18, 2012, the group sent an email requesting DoLE and OWWA to probe Mr. Arroyo based on the signed complaint affidavit of OFW Joel Lacanilao alleging that Mr. Arroyo ordered him to pay an amount of 7,000 Saudi rials to facilitate his immediate repatriation that never actually happened.

Four days after, July 22,  the group sent another email requesting DoLE and OWWA to probe Riyadh-based OWWA welfare officer Anuar Ampang based on a signed complaint affidavit of OFW Ronald D. Detanoy alleging that the OWWA official is not providing him advise as the latter was only playing on-line Solitaire game on his desk top and he too was badmouthed by the OWWA official.

“Very serious allegation and I would like to assure you of speedy action on it. We shall instruct him (referring to welfare officer Ampang) to come home immediately to face our Administrative Complaints Committee (ACC),” OWWA chief Dimzom in reply to M-ME’s request calling for an investigation.

As to Mr. Arroyo, Dimzon confirmed that “he too has been recalled from his tour of duty.” “We were informed that both officials will be home by end of this month to face OWWA Administrative complaints Committee. This will give both the opportunity to explain and defend their side amid signed complaints from complainant OFWs and their witnesses,” Monterona added.

“We are expecting that these erring officials will be sanctioned and put under disciplinary action. We will continue our campaign against erring and inept officials abroad. Our OFWs deserve honest-to-goodness, efficient and effective public service given that these officials are receiving their salaries from OFWs trust fund held in trust to OWWA,” Monterona said.

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