Pati mga vaklush ay nati-turn on kay Denise Laurel!

DENISE LAUREL is definitely one of a kind hot momma. She is a red-hot momma, not an ordinary beautiful woman with a kid but without a question, a sexually exciting woman!

From a distance, we were staring at her and every inch of her womanhood is sexually stimulating. Even the way she articulates her answers on the questions thrown at her were all considered sexy that we couldn’t help but possess a lecherous gleam in our eyes, without exaggeration.

Aba, e, kahit na nga ang all out gay na reporter turned talent manager na si Jun Reyes ay aminadong nalilibugan (Ha? Is that soooo? Hahahahahaha! – Ed) kay Denise, what more to a real hunk, ‘di ba? Kumbaga, e, pwede naming sabihin na mukha pa lang ni Denise, e, ulam na.

We are not surprised that even Denise’s screen-partner in “Precious Hearts Romance (PHR) Pintada,” Martin del Rosario, who is undoubtedly years younger than her, readily confessed that if given a chance, he will grab Denise and have her as his girl kahit na may anak na at mas matanda pa kesa sa kanya.

Obviously, Martin too, feels randy over the svelte Denise who was sitting beside him that time. Hahaha!

Denise admitted that the cause of her hibernation from the biz is her baby. Gusto niya raw kasing maging hands-on mom and she wants to be present on every first na gagawin ng kanyang anak but when asked about the name of the father, awkwardly, she begged off dahil ayaw raw niyang gawing public ang kanyang personal affairs, no problem with that.

Since wala naman palang ume-epal na real life sweetheart si Denise, technically, she is available, ‘di ba naman guys? A seductive woman like Denise is seriously an attention grabber.

Kung ayaw niyong maniwala, guys, try to watch her on PHR Presents Pintada everyday at ABS CBN 2 after City Hunter and you won’t regret having a glimpse of her enticing beauty.

And by the way, we observed that the artificial scar on her face is an additional turn on.


IT IS indeed a sad state of affairs for any TV personality when a certain program closes down for whatever reason, especially if one is earning a lot of moola from the show. Such is the case with John Lapuz who is one of the main hosts of Showbiz Central who is reportedly earning a lot of dough, not only from his regular salary as a host but also from some premiums coming from side “rakets” dahil sa kanyang pagiging mainstay.

As we all know, Showbiz Central is going to be axed soon and our intel told us that off camera, e, talagang nalulungkot si Sweet dahil isa ito sa kanyang bread and butter. Dito raw niya kinukuha ang mga allowance na ibinibigay niya sa kanyang mga “pamangkin.”

In showbiz parlance, “pamangkin” can also be translated to boylets, as in “papa”, kaya nangangamba raw ang bading na TV host because he is maintaining a handful of boylets na nasa kanyang payroll.

Ngayong wala ng regular show si Sweet, how can he give compensation to his boylets na nangongolekta sa kanya every end of the month? How pathetic!


FOR those who are extremely well informed with showbiz personalities especially on character actors department, surely, the name Jethro Ramirez rings a bell.

Why? Well, he is in the industry for decades starting as a child actor with the name Erwin Estrella who was introduced in the movie Mga Ibong Pipit under Seiko Films.

We recently bumped into Jethro and we learned that aside from acting, he is also moonlighting as a trainor for VIP securities. Jethro is licensed and he is fit to train VIP securities for he himself is a VIP security and a bounty hunter at the same time. Exciting, ‘di ba?  Kudos to those actors who are so resourceful in looking for income generating activities na hindi lang umaasa sa mga raket sa showbiz.

Currently, he is included as a sidekick in the new TV series of Senator Lito Lapid which is going to be aired on ABS-CBN. The group started its taping and the initial telecast will be announced soon.

Jethro is now being handled by Comguild Management, a division of Comguild Group of Companies, which is being owned by international model turned entrepreneur Ina Alegre.

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