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SOMETIMES in this world there are people who have perplexed attitude in confronting problems which can be solved with ease instead of making life harder if only they know how to pinpoint the particular mess and focus on its solution.

The chief of the Malabon City police, Senior Supt. Ferdinand Ampil, can be one example that this writer can’t help talking about. Why then? In my recent column, I called the attention of this good colonel about the rampant lawlessness that occurred right in his turf, those petty crimes like robbery-holdups and snatching and, worst, killings wherein hapless victims are either innocent ones or leaders of neighborhood associations.

But what obviously enraged him was when I mentioned about my two colleagues – Ismael “Maeng” Santos, of Bulgar, and Grande del Prado, Remate, – who became victims of the series of passenger jeepney robbery-holdups that take place in the city’s avenues.
Being members of the oldest and most established media groups in northern Metro Manila, i.e. Camanava Press Corps which I head, I’m duty-bound to defend their interest and welfare and the organization as a whole.

Ampil just happens to be the police chief of Malabon when the unfortunate incident that figured Ka Maeng, who’s our Corps’ Adviser, and Tsong Grande, our chairman of the board, took place.

Even if other police officer is in the position, this writer wouldn’t still be dissuaded from criticizing him if only to compel him to do his job effectively and with dispatch and not be like others “na natutulog lang sa pansitan.”

Nothing so personal really, nonetheless, I was a little bit mystified about Col. Ampil’s approach in dealing with the problem. Instead of finding ways to minimize if not totally crush criminal activities, his focus goes elsewhere.

He vents his ire on Ka Maeng, whom he once boastfully asked in one instance that “reporter ba yan,” by calling the attention of the latter’s superiors in the influential religious sect apparently to get him reprimanded and maligned. Little did he know that Ka Maeng has been a respected city resident and loyal servant of that religious sect, he better finds time asking the policemen and city hall employees and he’ll find out that he erred when he bemoaned before the sect’s heads.

The problem with Col. Ampil is that he feels he’s the smartest and the big boss rolled as one. No wonder, most policemen under his command are all praying hard that he be transferred to any place he desires to. He seems to be the most disliked police chief Malabon has had over the years. Of course, don’t expect the local lawmen and non-uniformed personnel to say against him when asked and confronted, who are they to say no to their boss?

Let’s see if PNP chief Dir. Gen. Nicanor Bartolome and Metro Manila police chief Director Allan Purisima will like Ampil’s style of leadership.

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