PGH snubs patient because of memo

ETIQUETTE in local hospitals is in need of CPR. In the case of Philippine General Hospital, it’s already headed to the mortuary.

A 28-year-old Mang Inasal crew attempted a suicide on Monday (July 16) by consuming a dose of muriatic acid. Fortunately, his co-employees found and rushed him to a nearby hospital.

That was just the beginning of his ordeal.

The Capitol Medical Center and Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center refused to admit him for similar reasons – they don’t have available psychiatrists.

The University of Santo Tomas Hospital and Veterans Memorial Medical Center were more accommodating, but have ridiculous initial quotes.

A government hospital like Ospital ng Maynila seemed to be the best fit. But it doesn’t have a toxicology department to deal with the adverse effect of the chemical in the victim’s body.

So he was referred to the PGH, his sixth hospital in six hours.

He was interviewed in the emergency room and was asked to wait for the doctor. The female attendant who did the interview was even worrying that the acid might have burned something internal.

“Hindi natin alam kung ano ‘yung damage sa loob ng katawan n’ya,” she said.

But the doctor, a certain Emilia Sta. Maria, thought otherwise.

She said, they can’t admit somebody who isn’t bleeding to death or isn’t in critical condition.

“We have a memo and we can’t just ignore that,” Sta. Maria said. “Bakit kasi sa PGH lagi itinuturo?”

Nice question doc. Here are some of the reasons why.

The victim is a minimum wage earner and can’t afford a hefty hospital bill. He was referred to PGH because it is the only government hospital equipped to measure the level of toxin in his body. Last but not least, he is a citizen of this country.

PGH is supposedly a people’s hospital, a friendly place for the sick and ailing masses.

The victim is obviously not in the right frame of mind, he is weak at that moment, and the last foreign element he swallowed is a poison. Asking him to go to another hospital in the middle of the night is not exactly friendly. Noli S. Cruz

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