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THE unequivocal and cohesive positions of the entire Quezon City officials led by Mayor Herbert “Bistek” Bautista and Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte on certain matters especially those that directly benefit their constituents are something that others in the government should emulate and do.

They are working in unison to make sure that the most basic services are delivered to the city folks without delay.

They may argue on some vital issues like what the members of the Sangguniang Panlunsod, which has VM Joy as its presiding officer, do during council sessions but in the end they come as one with the thought that it’s all for the residents and the city as a whole.

Take for example the local officials’ unified stand over the use of plastic bags.

While some local government units are noticeably rushing themselves to beat or to be like others that are into total ban, the QC government is a bit different.

They very well knew that it’s hard to adopt and carry out a total ban on the use of plastic bags in the city which undeniably is the most populous in the metropolis.

Instead, they all agreed to come up with measures primarily aimed at regulating the use of such bags.

According to Vice Mayor Belmonte, the city government has just favored to regulate the use of plastics to give the residents ample time to integrate the system in their behavior.

“Going green must not only be lip service. There has to be at-titude and behavioral change,” said the amiable and workaholic vice mayor who led on Friday other key officials and hundreds of stakeholders in a forum held at the QC Hall Bulwagan.

One that also deserves a pat on the back is Councilor Dorothy Delarmente, author of ordinances SP-2140, otherwise known as the “QC Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance” and SP-2103.

Approved by Mayor Bistek on April 4 this year, the QC Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance regulates the use of plastic bags in the city while SP–2103 mandates all business establishments using plastic bags in their business transactions to display conspicuously in their stores the environment-friendly notice: “Save the Environment, Bring Your Own Recyclable/Reusable Bags.”

Councilor Delarmente had this to say, “It’s really hard to implement the total ban on plastic.”

“What we want is just slowly integrate and adopt the system in our culture.”

As provided for under the plastic bag reduction ordinance, the city shall be imposing a plastic recovery system fee of P2 to consumers who will not bring with them “reusable bags” or redeem “used plastic bags” for a new plastic bag.

The ordinance also provides mechanism for the recovery and recycling of plastic bags, which are being considered as the major contributor to the large volume of solid wastes being disposed daily in the city.

The city’s Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department headed by Frederika Rentoy has been the lead agency for the task force on plastic bag reduction.

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