Solons grade PNoy’s accomplishments

LAWMAKERS today gave differing opinions on rating the achievements of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III in his second year of administration.

Rep. Winston Castelo (2nd District, Quezon City), a pro-administration lawmaker, gave PNoy a thumbs up stating that the President has initiated economic growth with social equity.

“His first two years show a trend towards economic growth as indicated by the higher GDP growth rate. The debate is whether the economy could sustain economic growth at a higher level of 7.5%,” Castelo said.

Castelo added that the greatest achievement of PNoy’s leadership is the restoration of people’s faith and confidence in governance.

“The reform agenda has reduced corruption in public service. The filing of charges against public officials is a strong message that crime does not pay,” Castelo stressed.

Rep. Marcelino Teodoro (1st District, Marikina City) described PNoy’s accomplishments for the two years of his term as remarkable.

Teodoro said PNoy has certainly lived up to his promise of curbing graft and corruption.

“The high and consistent trust rating of the President has positively translated to the high confidence rating of foreign and local investors,” Teodoro said.

“Our economy is beginning to stabilize with the efforts of his administration.  If our economy measures up to the expectations of the local and foreign market, job creation will follow which will translate to providing food for the family and higher quality of living for Filipinos,” Teodoro added.

Teodoro said the President still has four more years to continuously improve the economic and social condition of the country.

Party-list lawmakers, however, nixed PNoy’s achievements stating life has remained dismal for the marginalized.

Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan (Party-list, Gabriela) gave PNoy expected thumbs down from the women’s point of view.

“It’s thumb down! The basic services which are the State’s responsibility are imperiled. Demolition, lack of housing security, health and education, in the name of public-private partnership, PNoy’s mantra, and basic services are privatized,” Ilagan claims.

Ilagan said the planned privatization of hospitals, the additional two years of schooling, the high cost of utility rates, all diminish the poor’s coping mechanisms.

“The unsolved extra-judicial killings, GMA still not indicted, the RH bill waiting to be passed — all these are examples that life has remained dismal for the Marginalized. So definitely it’s thumbs down!” Ilagan stressed.

Rep. Teddy Casiño gave PNoy two thumbs down since impunity is still prevalent.

“With the rising prices of electricity, oil and water, the plan to corporatize government hospitals, persistence of extra-judicial killings and human rights violations are glaring blueprints of PNoy’s poor leadership,” Casiño stressed.

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