Solons urge PNoy to declare October 1, 2012 non-working holiday

SEVERAL legislators have filed a resolution appealing to President Benigno Aquino III to declare October 1, 2012 as a non-working holidayto highlight the celebration of the International Year of Cooperatives.

Reps. Jose Ping-ay (Party-list, COOP-NATCCO), Cresente Paez,(Party-list, COOP-NATCCO), Isidro Lico (Party-list, Ating KOOP),Nicanor Briones (Party-list, AGAP), and Agapito Guanlao (Party-list,BUTIL) filed House Resolution 2467 in a move to enhance the consciousness of the people on the spirit and the essence of cooperativism as “an imperative call in this contemporaneous time for peaceful and democratic social change.”

Ping-ay said the proposed non-working holiday aims to raise publicawareness of the invaluable contributions of cooperativism in reducingpoverty as well as in employment generation and social integration.

“It will also highlight the strength of the cooperative business model as an alternative means of doing business and furthering socio-economic development,” Ping-ay said.

“The new era of cooperative re-awakening is in the offing as the 21,754 active cooperatives nationwide with some 7 million members coming from the various sectors such as farmers, fisher folks, women,workers, indigenous people, our Muslim brothers, small vendors, person with disabilities, men and women in the military, the PNP and even the former commanders of the MNLF are mobilizing their collective energies and resources to fight hunger and poverty,” Ping-ay added.

Ping-ay said cooperatives play an important role in drawing the marginalized sectors into the mainstream of development processes and rectify social wrongs thus, becoming an instrument of social justice, equity and sustainable development.

He added that the cooperatives sector took up the cross to become theformidable partner of the government to make life better for the people.

During the 64th session of the United Nations General Assembly,Resolution 64/136 was passed proclaiming 2012 as International Year ofCooperatives (IYC) in recognition of the growing contribution and potential roles of cooperatives in the improvement of the social and economic condition of the people.

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