The matuwid na daan made a u turn

ONLY the rich and influential could run the government in the Philippines not because they are good at it but simply because the poor, deprived and the oppressed, which comprises the overwhelming majority of our people, could not do so because of the prevailing circumstances.

Running for an elective post, even in barangay level, is costly and definitely out of reach for Juan dela Cruz. This is aggravated by the practice of political succession or dynasty building by the ruling influential families hence it is not surprising that an outgoing politico would be replaced by the husband, wife, brother, sister, son, daughter or even an nth degree cousin.

These are two major factors why we have mediocre leaders and the sad reasons why Juan dela Cruz cannot hope to be in Malacañang, Congress, city hall, provincial hall, municipal hall or even the lowly barangay hall.

Our political structure is replete with names of people related with one another. These politicians have a false sense of entitlement for the public position they covet. For them it is destiny to be in power. While they live their “destiny”, we, ordinary folks, are disempowered and made to be at the mercy of their whims.

Nothing is worse than being helpless in the face of such arrogance.

With the ascent of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III to power and his “matuwid na daan,” the hope that a new era in Philippine politics has dawned were buoyed.

But the hopes of a lot were dismayed when he encouraged Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV, a cousin, to run for a position in the Senate. The straight path suddenly made an about face.

Instead of telling his young cousin to wait until his term is over in 2016 in view of his “matuwid na daan” program, the President even opened a slot in the ruling Liberal Party for his Bam. Having a cousin in the Senate is almost akin to a lowly supervisor having a close relative under his supervision which is nepotism under our laws.

The President, despite his rhetoric for modernity, proved to be same dynasty building politician.

Aside from the cousin, Kris, the President’s younger sister, also declared her intention to run for a public office in 2016. It is not far-fetched that Bam or Kris’ children would also seek office thereby further depriving Juan dela Cruz the chance to lead this country.

I have nothing against Bam or Kris serving the people but they could definitely do so without entering the realms of governance. Their influence are more than enough to make things happen for the people.

They should do a Dolphy, an actor whom I respect. He was repeatedly asked by his supporters to run for office, which is a sure bet because of his popularity, but he repeatedly declined choosing instead to serve the nation by making them laugh.

There is an anti-dynasty sentiment in the 1987 Constitution but everybody is ignoring it. No anti-dynasty bill was passed by Congress to ensure the implementation of Article II Section 26 of the present constitution. It seems that “happy days” are here to stay at least for a while more.


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