FOR the nth time, our national leaders are once again debating about the proposal of changing the date of school opening from June to September.  For them, such proposal makes a lot of sense.  At almost every downpour of rains, our school children have to walk in flood.

In addition, our public schools are often inundated.  But perhaps they should also look at the pitiful state of our public school buildings and school playgrounds where flood waters do not just come and go, but stay almost the whole year round with or without rains.

The prevalence of storms and typhoons should not therefore be the sole reason for changing the opening of school year to September.  Alright, when it rains, it floods.  But in Malabon and other coastal towns, it always floods even without rains.


Never have I thought that MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino and his assistant general manager Emerson Carlos could be that superstitious. Last Friday, they have asked some priests to bless the accident-prone areas along the northbound and southbound lanes of EDSA.

Tolentino and Carlos probably thought that EDSA must have been cursed for decades to account for many fatal vehicular accidents it has so far witnessed.  A road blessing will cast away evil spirits that bedeviled the notorious highway, so they thought.

It is however not so much about the road but the lack, if not at all the absence, of discipline and sense of public service among our drivers and commuters alike that caused the loss of lives and injuries to many who are plying along EDSA.


Some people are unfairly framing next year’s midterm elections as a contest among old names in Philippine politics with big political clans and families dominating the present list of senatorial aspirants.

In our country where there is minimal constitutional requirement for those seeking public office, it should be the aspirants’ proven track-record of good public service that should top the criteria for voting them to office.

Framing the May 2013 elections as “Philippine Trapo Olympics” decimates those battle-tested politicians who are doing great service to the country and who have more to offer not only in terms of introducing reforms but also for inspiring the people to improve their lots.

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